Census shares facts on Kansas cities of all sizes

Eastborough has the most expensive homes in south-central Kansas, but Andover and Valley Center each have a lot more homes worth $1 million or more.

More than one in four Wichitans leaves for work before 7 a.m., and they get there in less than 20 minutes. That's faster than workers in most other Kansas cities.

In Rose Hill, more than 16 percent of the adult residents are military veterans — the highest percentage of any city in the Wichita metropolitan area.

And nearly four out of five families in Goddard have both a husband and a wife who work outside the home.

Those are some of the findings of the Census Bureau's American Community Survey results that were released last week. It marked the first time in nearly a decade that officials of small and medium-sized cities have seen fresh demographic data about their cities.

The Wichita metropolitan area comprises Sedgwick, Butler and Harvey counties.

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