County rejects sole bid for lot near Intrust Bank Arena

Sedgwick County has rejected the only bid for property it owns at Waterman and Washington near Intrust Bank Arena.

Commissioners voted Wednesday to pass on the $236,000 bid from Leslie Rudd Investments and Affiliates. Rudd, a former Wichitan, owns Dean & Deluca and a vineyard in California.

The county purchased the land in 2007 to make intersection improvements before the opening of Intrust Bank Arena. It didn't need all of the land, and about 43,000 square feet is available. The land includes one 4,130-square-foot building. The county demolished three other buildings to provide right of way at the intersection.

What's next for the property is unclear.

After receiving only one bid, the county contacted developers to determine why response was so limited. Some said they didn't like the sealed bid process. One didn't want all of the property.

The county's appraisals valued the parcels at $263,000. An independent appraisal came in at $410,000, the county's bids and contracts board reported to commissioners.