Dates set for next year's Autumn & Art festival

The Autumn & Art festival will be back.

No question about it, says Janet Wright, Wichita Festivals' president and CEO.

"We are going to do it again," Wright said. "We've got the date set for next year. Based on the artists' responses, it will grow and be available for more people to enjoy."

The festival, a juried art show held this past weekend at Bradley Fair shopping center at 21st and Rock Road, drew more than 10,000 people, she said.

"The people who came were very enthusiastic. People bought things, and that made the artists happy," she said.

The event was organized by Wichita Festivals and is patterned in some ways after the 79-year-old Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City. Some items sold for $10, while others were marked as high as $6,000.

Dates for next year will be Sept. 16-18.

"It was created just because there is nothing else like it in Wichita," Wright said. "It is designed to bring in people all over the United States and to showcase arts."

More than 60 artists displayed their work.

"This was a big risk for the artists to come to a show where we have no history," she said. "But we were able to attract a good number of people who were interested in art and bought things. Based on attendance and sales, we will do it next year."