Today: Buy a newspaper and help United Way

Stay informed, get a stack of coupons and help the United Way of the Plains improve the community — all for the suggested donation of 50 cents.

That's the idea behind The Eagle's "Taking It to the Streets" campaign.

Local media personalities and volunteers will sell 10,000 special, coupon-wrapped editions of the paper on 11 street corners today from 7 to 9 a.m. A limited number of copies also will be available today at the main counter of the Eagle, 825 E. Douglas.

Newspapers include a coupon for a free drink at QuikTrip, and readers also have a chance to win prizes, such as a free night at the Hotel at Old Town or a $500 savings bond from Bank of America.

The proceeds go to the United Way of the Plains, which provides mentoring programs for kids, job skills classes, medical care for low-income families and many other services.

The United Way kicked off its 2010 fundraising campaign last week. Its goal for the campaign is $15 million.

Locations for 2010 Taking it To the Streets

--21st & Rock

--29th & Rock

--31st & Seneca

--37th & Rock

--Central & Hillside

--Central & Maize

--Central & Ridge

--Central & Rock

--Harry & Webb

--Main & Douglas

--City Hall