Your guide to the House District 83 race

Republican Rep. Jo Ann Pottorff faces two challengers in House District 83 in eastern Wichita, Democrat Sean Amore and Libertarian Gordon Bakken.

Pottorff, 74, a real estate sales associate, has been a legislator since 1985. She defeated a Republican challenger in the August primary.

She described herself as a "small business person who understands the needs of the business community" and an experienced legislator who "understands how to get things done in Topeka."

Amore, 34, is a communications executive making his first bid for office. He said voters need to "send great ideas and some new energy and enthusiasm to Topeka" to ensure the state has a better future.

Bakken, 71, has run for office before. He said he is running "to offer the people of this district, that think government has become intrusive, a chance to do something about it."

Kansas’ 125 state representatives are elected to two-year terms. They develop and debate laws and approve the state’s budget during a 90-day legislative session. They are paid $88.66 a day and receive $116 a day in expenses while in session or attending interim committee meetings.

1. What are your top three budget priorities, in order, and where should the money come from?

2. Do you think Kansas should pass legislation to address illegal immigration? If so, what should it target specifically? If not, why not?

3. Do you think abortion should be allowed? If so, under what circumstances?


Party: Democrat

Age: 34

Occupation: Communications executive

Education: Master’s degree, issues management and corporate public affairs, George Washington University; bachelor’s degree, Quinnipiac University

Phone: 316-259-1095

E-mail: seancamore@gmail.com

1. Education, working with the business community and providing for our neighbors in need are my top priorities. I don’t believe we should continue to tax and spend on schools and government programs. Instead we need to increase accountability, efficiency and transparency in the way our government taxes and spends.

2. We need a comprehensive review of our immigration policies (allowances and enforcement) and figure out how to improve that system for all of us. If we do, I believe less immigrants will come in to our country “illegally” and those who are here will be more likely to end their “illegal” status.

3. Yes. I believe abortions should remain legal. Personal choice is important but I do not believe abortion should ever be treated as or considered a casual or primary form of birth control.


Party: Libertarian

Age: 71

Occupation: Retired aerospace engineer

Education: Bachelor’s degree, mechanical engineering, Michigan Technological University

Political experience: None

Phone: 316-687-9402

E-mail: g-j-b@usa.net

1. Schools: Money should come primarily from property tax, as now. Roads: Money should come from fuel tax, as now. Police, firemen and prisons: Money should come from general revenue, as now.

2. Yes. It should offer no state services to illegals, and should do what it can to expedite their return to their home lands.

3. Yes, in the first trimester.


Party: Republican

Age: 74

Occupation: Real estate sales associate

Education: Bachelor’s degree, elementary education, Kansas State University; master’s degree urban education, St. Louis University

Political experience: Legislator since 1985, former Wichita school board member

Phone: 316-684-3780

E-mail: jpottorff@cox.net

1. Economic development that supports business and job growth; High quality schools and excellence in education; Public safety initiatives that support a strong prison and judicial system. Money should come from existing revenue sources while we maintain a balanced budget.

2. Federal laws must be properly enforced by law enforcement agencies, and all regulations requiring proof of citizenship for employees must be easy for business owners to understand and adhere to.

3. This issue has been determined by federal law.