Haysville reopens pool after incident

Haysville's municipal swimming pool opened for business as usual Wednesday, a day after a more than a dozen people inhaled toxic chlorine fumes during a National Night Out gathering.

Seven of the 14 people who inhaled the fumes were taken to Wichita hospitals as a precaution, said Haysville recreation director Georgie Carter. No serious injuries were reported.

Rescue crews were called to the pool at 525 Sarah Lane in Haysville shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday.

An investigation revealed that the pool's maintenance system had automatically injected chlorine into the pool water, along with accompanying fumes.

The system had been set to add chlorine once the levels dropped to a certain point in the pool water, Carter said, but no one anticipated it would occur when it did.

An estimated 300 people were in the pool at the time of the chlorine release, she said.

"It was a combination of several things happening at once" to trigger the automatic injection, Carter said. "We are changing procedures to make sure the situation does not happen again."

A water pump had been shut off to back wash, she said, and when coupled with record high temperatures, low humidity and abundant evaporation, it set the stage for the chlorine release.

"It's not something that's ever happened before," Carter said.