Kansans can check with state for unclaimed property

Workers from the Kansas Treasurer's Office were in Wichita on Tuesday helping residents check to see if the state was holding unclaimed property in their name.

The Treasurer's Office currently holds about $200 million in unclaimed property, $25 million of which belongs to Sedgwick County residents.

Unclaimed property can include uncashed paychecks, utility deposits or royalty checks, as well as inactive bank accounts, stock shares and bonds or dividend checks.

A business is responsible for trying to deliver the property to the rightful owner, but after two or three years the property is turned over to the state. The state then holds the property in its general fund until it is claimed by the rightful owner.

Tuesday's event took place at the Central Library and was one of many unclaimed property workshops State Treasurer Dennis McKinney and his staff have held around the state over the past year.

In addition to the tour around the state, McKinney said his office is informing people about the reclamation process through phone messages and networking with community organizations.

Last year, 38,000 claims were filed with payouts averaging $315 per claim. Due to the increased profile of the service, McKinney said his office expects to receive about 44,000 claims this year.

To check for unclaimed property, visit www.KansasCash.com.