Pastors shed shoes for sake of kids

As some Wichitans arrive at church Sunday morning for Easter services, they may find their pastor preaching barefoot.

Joining with Samaritan's Feet, a nonprofit organization based in Charlotte, N.C., local churches are participating in Barefoot Sunday, a movement of pastors to preach their Easter service barefoot.

Barefoot Sunday will honor the 42nd anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination and will bring attention to the 300 million children in the world who do not have shoes.

According to Samaritan's Feet, local pastors DeAndre M. Morris Sr. of Kingdom Harvest and Jeffrey Enlow of Bibleway Community of Faith will be among those participating, as well as encouraging their congregation members to donate $10 each.

In all, six Wichita churches are participating in barefoot Sunday, according to Enlow.

The goal across the country is to raise $1 million through Barefoot Sunday. The money will be used to buy and distribute shoes to children in need.

Samaritan's Feet goal is to provide 10 million pairs of shoes to 10 million impoverished people around the world in 10 years.

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