Wichita City Council OKs plan to fix streets

Roughly 40 miles of shoddy streets will be repaired this year under the annual street repair program Wichita City Council members unanimously approved Tuesday.

The plan targets the roughest streets first, regardless of what council district they are in.

Among the major repaving projects:

* Woodlawn from 29th Street North to K-96

* Grove from Murdock to 12th Street

* West Street from Central to Zoo Boulevard

* Towne East Mall Drive from Kellogg to Douglas

The improvements budgeted at $6 million come as the city's street conditions continue to decline after years of deferred maintenance.

It would take an estimated $10 million a year to hold the city's overall street quality index steady.

The list of projects:

District 1

* Lincoln from Washington to Ellis

* Orme from Chautauqua to Grove

* Hillside from 14th Street to south of 17th Street

* Madison from Ninth Street to Random

* Cleveland from Central to Murdock

* Woodlawn from 29th Street North to south of K-96

* Grove from south of Murdock to Ninth Street

* Grove from Ninth Street to 12th Street

* Schweiter from Bayley to Mesita

* Mesita from Schweiter to GWB Drive

* Minneapolis from Ninth Street to 10th Street

District 2

* Ninth Street and Woodlawn

* Area north of Cherry Creek and east of White Oak

* Cottonwood from Woodlawn to Apache

* Towne East Mall Drive from north of Kellogg to Douglas

District 3

* Brookside from Orme to Waverly

* Waverly from Orme to Gilbert

* Lexington from Orme to Gilbert

* Dunham from K-15 to Volutsia

* Area east of Edgemoor and south of Harry

* Kansas from Mona to 50th Street South

* Woodlawn from Harry to Kansas Turnpike Authority/city limits

* Ash from 50th Street South to 53rd Street South

* Mona from Spruce to Hydraulic

* Lincoln from Clifton to Yale

District 4

* 27th Street South from Glenn to Seneca

* Lincoln from McLean to Osage

* 27th Street South from St. Paul east to St. Paul west

* Greenfield from Meridian to Everett

* Casado from Meridian to Everett

* Area east of Maize and south of Pawnee

District 5

* Area west of Maize and south of Maple

* Chipper from Central to Harvest

* Birch from Chipper to Murdock

* Caddy from Murdock to Central

* Emerson from 10th Street to Ponderosa

District 6

* Halstead and Manhattan

* Halstead and Columbine

* Arkansas from 15th Street to 16th Street

* 29th Street from North Hydraulic to St. Francis

* 14th Street from Broadway to St. Francis

* 15th Street from McLean to West Street

* West Street from Central to Zoo Boulevard

* 11th Street from Zoo Boulevard to east of Baker

* 15th Street from Waco to Arkansas

* Rochester from 14th Street to 15th Street

* 25th Street bridge deck over I-235