Error on Wyandotte Co. tax bills irks taxpayers

A small but significant mistake on Wyandotte County tax bills is raising the eyebrows of some alert taxpayers.

When the county's Unified Government sent the tax bills out last week, the levies for each school district and Kansas City Kansas Community College were not listed individually. The tax amount was combined and attributed to the school districts, some of which were already getting heat about high property taxes. There was no heading for the community college, which levied $22.9 million.

However, the overall bill is correct. Taxpayers can request a corrected form, but the mistake will not change their bill, said Unified Government Chief Financial Officer Lew Levin.

Unified Government officials apologized to school officials for the problem.

Piper School District Superintendent Steve Adams said he's heard from dozens of taxpayers wondering about the dollar amount.

"Some were angry. Some were questioning it. They didn't understand it," Adams said.