City to vote on uses for drug money

Dear drug dealers:

The city is using the money it takes from you during busts and raids to finance its next undercover sting.

This, of course, isn't too much of a secret.

In fact, just how that bust money will be spent is a matter of public record.

Though most drug money ends up financing new cars, guns, houses and more drugs in the criminal underground, the bust money ends up in City Hall.

Today, City Council members will vote on how to split up $412,670 of narcotics seizure money.

Unless the council deviates from the Police Department's recommendations, the cash will be spent like this:

* $100,070 as contingency money or to help pay for a new police helicopter. The one currently in use is near the end of its life.

* $65,000 for in-car video technology upgrades.

* $46,000 for undercover buy money.

* $45,000 for fuel for undercover vehicles.

* $36,000 to repair undercover vehicles.

* $35,000 to replace undercover vehicles.

* $30,000 for training.

* $29,600 in rent money for undercover officers.

* $20,000 in equipment for undercover officers.

* $3,000 for an audit.

* $2,500 for utilities.

* $500 for advertising.

All that cash comes from federal, state, and other agencies obtained from busts.

After the judicial process is over, the funds are awarded to the police.