Kansas Lottery: Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket was sold in South-Central Kansas

The $1 million winning ticket drawn Thursday in the Kansas Lottery’s first raffle was purchased in south-central area of the state.

Two of the five tickets worth $50,000 were also purchased in south-central Kansas. The other three were bought in the northeast.

The number for the grand-prize ticket is 030743. The numbers for the $50,000 tickets are 000766, 047728, 081916, 139476 and 139695.

There's a good chance that the winning ticket was purchased in Wichita.

That's because 37 percent of the 150,000 tickets sold were bought in Wichita. The tickets, $20 each, were gone a little more than a month after they went on sale in October.

The number of the winning $1 million ticket was announced today at 11:55 a.m. on the state's NBC affiliates, including KSN, Channel 3, in Wichita.

There will also be five $50,000 prizes and 500 $500 winners. Those results will be available after noon today on the Kansas Lottery's Web site — kslottery.com — or by checking with retail stores where the raffle tickets were sold.

Because this was the first year it held a raffle, the Kansas Lottery didn't know what the response would be. The tickets went on sale Oct. 18 and plans called for them to remain available through Wednesday. But all 150,000 were gone by Nov. 24.

"That's really good," Kansas Lottery spokeswoman Sally Lunsford. "It shows players are really excited about raffles."

Apparently players like their chances of claiming $1 million — 1 in 150,000. That's considerably better than the other games offered by the lottery.

Those in the Wichita area certainly jumped on the raffle. There were 55,113 tickets sold in Wichita.

Granted, Wichita is the state's largest city, but that's still seven times more than were purchased in Topeka (7,655 tickets).

Hutchinson ranked third, with 4,961 tickets sold. There were 4,206 tickets bought in Derby, more than the combined total for Overland Park (2,116) and Olathe (1,793).

Because of the strong response, Lunsford said, "I would look for another raffle next year, probably again at the holidays. It's possible we could even do two a year."

The raffle brought in $3 million with $1.5 million of that paid out to the winners and the same amount — minus some expenses — going into the state coffers.

Asked whether the Kansas Lottery might increase the number of tickets sold in future raffles, Lunsford said, "That's something we'll have to look at . . . whether we can continue to sell out at a higher ticket level.

"The nice thing about this that made people so excited about it was that it was only 150,000 tickets."

Idaho sold out its raffle this year, which also had a $1 million top prize, by offering 250,000 tickets at $10 each.

"More tickets, lower price," Lunsford said. "So it kind of balances out."

Each of the Kansas raffle tickets has a unique 6-digit number — ranging from 000001 through 150000.

The drawing for the $1 million prize will be done by computer, Lunsford said.

The $1 million and $50,000 winners must claim their prizes at the Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka or the lottery's office in Great Bend, either in person or by mailing in the ticket. The $500 prizes can be claimed at the outlets where the tickets were sold.

Lunsford said only the original tickets will be accepted and must be claimed by one person. Ticket holders should also sign the back of their tickets before claiming their prizes, if they haven't already done so.

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