County: Recall of vaccine not safety-related

The Sedgwick County Health Department stressed Wednesday that a recall of certain lots of the nasal spray version of the H1N1 vaccine is not safety-related.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recalled some lots because it found the vaccine in them deteriorates faster than expected, which means it loses potency. Doses not yet used are being returned to the manufacturer.

Sedgwick County received about 6,200 doses of the recalled lots, which it administered as well as distributed to several private providers and clinics at schools.

A news release from the county said that people who received a dose of the recalled vaccine don't need to return for a second dose or take any other action.

"It is disappointing that this may cause some to doubt the vaccine and the administration process," health director Claudia Blackburn said in the release. "The vaccine remains safe and the best way for you to be protected against the H1N1 virus."

More information about H1N1, the vaccine and the recall is available by contacting the county's H1N1 Call Center at flu@sedgwick.org or 316-660-5558.