Boy gives tooth fairy loot to food bank

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —As Thanksgiving approached, Leawood first-grader Chase Davids told his mother, Angie, that he wanted to give away more than $10 in tooth fairy earnings he had accumulated over the year.

With some matching funds from mom and dad, Chase's earnings bought 14 pounds of food that he delivered Wednesday to the Harvesters Community Food Network.

His generosity earned him a tour of Harvester's massive warehouse operation.

"Whoa," the boy said as he stepped into high-stacked storage rooms big enough for airliners.

People young and old packaged food in assembly lines. Forklifts beeped and hummed among the stacks.

Chase, with his jagged smile of new and missing teeth, found himself here because the holiday spurred the kind of thinking that calls thousands of volunteers into service for Kansas City-area kitchens and food pantries all year long.

"I thought I might want to give money to spend on other people who might not have any food," he said.