Details of Chisholm Creek project unfold

Developers of the Chisholm Creek Casino provided the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission with more details about several aspects of the project that the state had questioned.

* Drainage: They said drainage at the site would be directed to the southeast corner of the property through a series of detention ponds, which would temporarily store storm water.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority would mechanically pump the water from an out-fall point into a drainage ditch that would follow the natural drainage flows in the area.

The water wouldn't flow at a greater rate than it does now, and the duration of the flows would be extended to accommodate additional water as needed, developers said.

* Public safety building: Chisholm Creek would provide the patrol cars, ambulance and firefighting equipment, and fund the salaries for personnel at the building before opening the casino, developers said.

After the casino opens, Sumner County would take over the cost of operating the on-site public safety facility. If the site is annexed into Mulvane, the city would assume responsibility.

A district court judge ruled against Mulvane's attempt to annex the site. The city is appealing.

* Utilities: Chisholm Creek is discussing utilities with Haysville, Derby and Mulvane. If the site is annexed into Mulvane before any commitments are reached with the other cities, Mulvane would provide all utilities and Chisholm Creek would pay for extension of the utilities to the site.

If the site is annexed into Mulvane after developers make commitments with another city, Mulvane would receive a franchise fee for allowing the other city to service the site.