2009 Holiday Wish List

See if your ability to help matches a list of local charities' needs. Agencies are listed in alphabetical order and organized by category.

New additions

GraceMed Health Clinic, 1122 N. Topeka, Wichita, 67214, 316-866-2000, www.gracemed.org

Mission: Medical and dental services for uninsured and under-insured.

Needs: Bibles or New Testaments in English or Spanish.

The Treehouse, 151 N. Volutsia, Wichita, 67214, 316-686-2600.

Mission: assists women and children in crisis situations with basic necessities and programs.

Needs: Diapers, baby wipes, sleepers and baby blankets, new folding chairs, volunteers.

Animal services

Caring Hands Humane Society, 1400 SE Third, Newton, 67114, 316-283-0839, www.caringhandshs.org.

Mission: Improving quality of life.

Needs: Money, adult volunteers, house training pads.

Country Cats, P.O. Box 37, Andover, 67002, 316-775-2288, www.countrycats.petfinder.org.

Mission: A no-kill cat shelter & rescue dedicated to spaying & neutering.

Needs: Money, foster homes, people to adopt cats.

Eagle Valley Raptor Center, 927 N 343rd St. W., Cheney, 67025, 316-393-0710, www.eaglevalleyraptorcenter.org.

Mission: Care for injured birds of prey.

Needs: Money, volunteers, river rock, cedar and cypress mulch, utility vehicle.

Hope in the Valley Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, 9025 N. Broadway, Valley Center, 67147, 316-519-4129.

Mission: Adopt out abused, neglected, abandoned horses.

Needs: Money, round bales of brome hay, senior feed, wormer, fencing materials.

Kansas Humane Society, 3313 N. Hillside, Wichita, 67219, 316-524-9196, www.kshumane.org.

Mission: Animal shelter.

Needs: Money, volunteers, milk formula for puppies and kittens, small and medium dog collars, 6-foot dog leashes.

Kansas K-9ResQ, P.O. Box 1117, Wichita, 67201, 316- 295-6534, www.ksk9resq.rescuegroups.org.

Mission: Provide help, hope for homeless dogs.

Needs: Money, volunteers, food, collars and leashes, dog toys.

Pals Animal Rescue Inc.; P.O. Box 47342, Wichita, 67201, 316-990-3647, www.palsrescue.org

Mission: Helping find quality homes for homeless dogs and cats.

Needs: Volunteers, foster homes.

Spay/Neuter Kansas, 319 S. Hydraulic, Wichita, 67211; 316-263-4200, www.spayneuterkansas.com.

Mission: Offers low cost spay and neuter services.

Needs: Volunteers, paper towels, large trash bags, tall white kitchen trash bags, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water.

Basic needs

Augusta Community Caring Center, 208 West Fourth Ave., Augusta, 67010, 316-775-3342.

Mission: Feed, clothe needy in Butler County.

Needs: Clothing, food, money, Christmas toys, volunteers.

Bread of Life Food Distribution/ Garments of Praise Clothing Distribution, 2825 S Hillside, Wichita, 67210, 316-689-6866, www.breadoflifecommunity.com/.

Mission: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked.

Needs: Money, food, electronics, new forklift, shelving and conveyor system for bags.

Episcopal Social Services Venture House, 1005 E. Second St., Wichita, 67214, 316-269-4160, www.esswichita.org.

Mission: Provide hope to people in poverty.

Needs: Food, money, volunteers, new computers.

His Helping Hands, 1441 E. 37th St. North, Wichita, 67219, 316-838-8528, www.hhh.ccc.org.

Mission: Clothing, furniture, food for needy families.

Needs: Toys, money, clothing, used furniture, basic household items.

The Lord's Diner, 520 N. Broadway, Wichita, 67214, 316-266-4966.

Mission: Soup kitchen providing evening meal seven days a week.

Needs: Food, money, office supplies, hand sanitizer, tube socks.

Numana, P.O. Box 752, El Dorado, 67042, 316-452-5445, www.numanainc.com.

Mission: Provides meals for countries in need.

Needs: Money, volunteers, food.

St. Jude Catholic Church Lord's Pantry, 3030 N. Amidon, Wichita, 67204, 316-838-1963, www.stjudewichita.com.

Mission: Distribute food weekly to the hungry.

Needs: Food, money, Thanksgiving or Christmas food items.

The Salvation Army, 350 N. Market, Wichita, 67202, 316-263-2769, www.salvationarmy-wichita.org.

Mission: Operates homeless services, disaster services, foster care, emergency social services.

Needs: Volunteers, money, food, six-burner commercial range.

Streetlight Ministries Inc., 9131 Windwood St., Wichita, 67226, 316-737-5362, www.streetlightministriesinc.com.

Mission: None listed.

Needs: Food, shelter, money, toiletries, socks and gloves, coats.

Tree of Life Church, 702 E. Harry, Wichita, 67211, 316-260-9330, www.hqtreeoflifeministries.com.

Mission: Help people with basic needs.

Needs: Toiletries.

Westside Good Neighbors Center, 3500 W. 13th St., Wichita, 67203, 316-942-7349.

Mission: Faith-based charity providing food for needy.

Needs: Food, money, volunteers.

YWCA Wichita, 1111 N. St. Francis, Wichita, 67214, 316-263-7501, www.ywcaofwichita.org.

Mission: Promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity.

Needs: Money, food, office supplies, journals, calendars.

Children's services

Carpenter Place, 1501 N. Meridian, Wichita, 67203, www.carpenterplace.org.

Mission: Residential treatment for teen girls.

Needs: Toiletries, office supplies, electronics, girls' bicycles, sports equipment.

Child Start, 1069 S. Glendale, Wichita, 67218, 316-682-1853, www.ChildStart.org.

Mission: Comprehensive early childhood services and support.

Needs: Volunteers, toiletries, new children's hat and mitten sets, diapers and wipes.

Erin Is Hope Foundation, 4921 E. 21st St., Wichita, 67208, 316-681-3204, www.erinishope.org.

Mission: Serves children with communication disorders.

Needs: Toys, money, office supplies, art and school supplies for K-4th grade.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland, 360 Lexington, Wichita, 67218, 316-684-6531, www.kansasgirlscouts.org.

Mission: Build girls of courage, confidence and character.

Needs: Money, volunteers, office supplies, camping supplies.

Greater Faith Ministries, 302 S. Dodge, Wichita, 67213, 316-264-3320.

Mission: Assists kids with educational, basic and spiritual needs.

Needs: Money, food, electronics, computers and monitors, school supplies and backpacks.

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center, 201 E. Sixth, Newton, 67114, 316-283-6029.

Mission: Provides place for trained intervewers to talk to children who have been abused.

Needs: Electronics, money.

Heartspring, 8700 E. 29th St. North, Wichita, 67226, 316-634-8761, www.heartspring.org.

Mission: Help children with special needs lead more independent life.

Needs: Toys, electronics, office and classroom supplies.

Kansas Children's Service League, 1365 N. Custer, Wichita, 67203, 316-942-4261, www.kcsl.org.

Mission: Protect and promote the well-being of children.

Needs: Clothing, money, toys, gift cards for families, toiletries for families with children.

The Locker Room, 103 W. Spring, Conway Springs, 620-456-3535, www.thelockerroom.org.

Mission: Offering young adults an alternative to drinking and life altering activities.

Needs: Money, food, toiletries, games, couches, chairs.

Lose the Training Wheels, P.O. Box 617, Goddard, 67052, 316-794-7433, www.losethetrainingwheels.org.

Mission: Teach those with disabilities to ride bikes.

Needs: Money.

Performance Arts Foundation, P.O. Box 782256, Wichita, 67278, 316-250-8009, www.pafi.org.

Mission: Sponsors drumline, flag teams and activities for youth.

Needs: $2,000 to buy flags and rifles, volunteers to teach students, practice facility, 15-seat passenger van.

Rainbows United, 340 S. Broadway, Wichita, 67202, 316-267-5437, www.RainbowsUnited.org.

Mission: Support children with special needs.

Needs: Money, volunteers, teen gifts, retail gift cards.

Sedgwick County Big Brothers Big Sisters, 310 E. Second St., Wichita, 67202, 316-263-3300.

Mission: Helps boys and girls, who live in single parent homes.

Needs: Volunteers, money, Families who want to volunteer together.

KVC Behavioral Healthcare, 555 N. Woodlawn, Building 1, Suite 130, Wichita, 67208, 316-618-5437, www.kvc.org.

Mission: Medical, behavioral care, social services, education.

Needs: Clothing, money, toys, office supplies, volunteers.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Kansas, 2016 N. Amidon, Wichita, 67203, 316-838-9474, www.wishks.org.

Mission: Grant wish of children with life-threatening illness.

Needs: Money, office supplies, toy, wish-granting volunteers, sponsors for events.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita, 1110 N. Emporia, Wichita, 67214, 316-269-4182, www.rmhcwichita.org.

Mission: Assists families of seriously ill, injured children.

Needs: Money, food, volunteers, office supplies.

Sunlight Children's Advocacy and Rights Foundation, 110 S. Gordy St., El Dorado, 67042, 316-313-4107, www.scarfks.org.

Mission: Supporting, serving, promoting interests of children.

Needs: Money, printable DVD+R discs, pressed-board file folders with fasteners.

Three Trees, 9415 E. Harry, Suite 501, Wichita, 7207, 16-263-3335.

Mission: Provides support to children ages 3-18 and their families grieving the death of a loved one.

Needs: Volunteers, money, gift cards for craft and food supplies, 44-cent stamps, free movie rental cards.

Wichita Children's Home, 810 N. Holyoke, Wichita, 67208, www.wch.org.

Mission: Assure safety and well-being of children.

Needs: Money, toiletries, volunteers, diapers size 3-6, formula (Similac Blue Label), new items for teenagers.

Community services

Air Capital Telephone Reader, 106 W. Douglas Ave. No. 1009, Wichita, 67202-3312, 316-337-7701, www.aircaptr.org.

Mission: Reading of publications via phone for blind.

Needs: Money.

The Arc of Sedgwick County, 2919 W. Second St., Wichita, 67203, 316-943-1191, www.arc-sedgwickcounty.org.

Mission: Serve those with developmental disabilities.

Needs: Money, electronics, office supplies, volunteers.

Arc of Butler County, 226 S. Main, El Dorado, 67042, 316-322-8777, www.arcofbutler.com.

Mission: Serves those with developmental disabilities.

Needs: Office supplies, money, electronics, volunteers.

American Legion Post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, 67209, 316-613-3075.

Mission: Serve veterans and currently serving military.

Needs: Office supplies, chairs and tables, paint and roofing material.

American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter, 1900 E. Douglas, Wichita, 67214, 316-219-4000, www.midwaykansas.redcross.org.

Mission: Help prevent, prepare for, respond to emergencies.

Needs: Toiletries, money, Garmin GPS unit, heavy-duty battery charger.

Arrowhead West, 9505 W. Central, Suite 110, Wichita, 67212, 316-722-4554, www.arrowheadwest.org.

Mission: Provides services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Needs: Toiletries, clothing, money, twin bedding (sheets, pillows, mattress pads, comforters), adult Depends (L, XL).

The Balm of Gilead, 6505 E. Central, Wichita, 67206, 316-305-5673, www.drpeggyelliott.com.

Mission: Bring healing to families and communities.

Needs: Electronics, money, volunteers, building for meetings.

Christian Ministries to Offenders, 216 E. Second St., Wichita, 67202, 316-660-7513.

Mission: Minister to the incarcerated.

Needs: Money, volunteers, money, transitional housing.

City Life Wichita, 2106 E. Central Ave., Wichita, 67214, 316-282-0919, www.yfc.org.

Mission: helps at-risk and gang-involved young men.

Needs: Volunteers, money, food, transportation, housing.

Creative Community Living, 622 N. Haverhill Road, El Dorado, 67042, 316-320-7531, www.cclccl.org.

Mission: Support adults with developmental disabilities.

Needs: Toiletries, food processors, kitchen wares, household appliances, steam cleaners.

Dress for Success Wichita, 1422 N. High, Wichita, 67203, 316-945-8779, www.dressforsuccess.org/wichita.

Mission: Provide interview outfits to low-income women.

Needs: Clothing, toiletries, volunteers, money.

Envision Foundation, 610 N. Main, Wichita, 67203, 316-440-1526, www.envisionus.com.

Mission: Rehabilitation, employment for blind, low-vision people.

Needs: Money, volunteers, plastic foam balls and cones, costume jewelry, musical instruments.

FOOLS OF OZ (Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society), 4960 N. Bison, Wichita, 67204, 316-250-0544, www.foolsofoz.com.

Mission: Firefighter organization that provides training to area departments.

Needs: Money.

Give Me A Chance To Play, 4720 N. Ridge Road, Wichita, 67205, 316-722-8448, www.givemeachancetoplay.com.

Mission: Provides baseball camps, clinics to inner-city youth.

Needs: Money, volunteers, baseball equipment, covered trailer.

Higher Ground, 247 N. Market, Wichita, 67202, 316-262-2060, www.higherg.org.

Mission: Empowering culturally diverse youth and adults.

Needs: Money, office supplies, toys, Vaseline, tempera paint, used magazines.

Independent Living Resource Center, 3033 W. Second St., Wichita, 316-942-6300, www.ilrcks.org.

Mission: Empowering people with disabilities.

Needs: Money, used medical equipment, small appliances, dish and flatware sets, linens.

KETCH, 1006 E. Waterman, Wichita, 67211, 316-383-8889, www.ketch.org.

Mission: Promote independence for people with disabilities.

Needs: Electronics, toys, money, bedding, blankets, pillows, games, recreational equipment.

Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas, 555 N. Woodlawn, Suite 3105, Wichita, 67208, 316-685-1821, ext. 223, www.mhasck.org.

Mission: Help people achieve mental health.

Needs: Toys, toiletries, money, hats and gloves, blankets.

Never Alone Crisis Ministry, 556 S. Oliver, Wichita, 67218, 316-682-0207.

Mission: Support people traumatized by violent acts.

Needs: Money, volunteers, toiletries, gift cards, and new hats, gloves, and socks for children and adults.

Parents Of Murdered Children, 604 N. Main, Suite 200, Wichita, 67203, 316-265-1600, www.pomc.org.

Mission: Emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness.

Needs: Office supplies, volunteers, masking tape, 7- to 10-gallon trash bags.

Project Independence, 310 S. Ida, Wichita, 67211, 316-262-6898.

Mission: Peer support center for adults with mental illness.

Needs: Adult hats, mittens, coats, copy paper, art and craft supplies, toiletries, board games, DVD/VCR player.

Saint Matthew's Parish Community Garden, 2001 Windsor Drive, Newton, 67114, 316-284-2556.

Mission: Community garden.

Needs: Volunteers, straw bales, seeds and plants.

Starkey, 4500 W. Maple, Wichita, 67209, 942-4221, www.starkey.org.

Mission: Promotes independence of people with intellectual disabilities.

Needs: Money, gardening supplies, art supplies, hand mixer, food processor, electric skillet.

Wichita Dream Center, 2000 S. Hillside, Wichita, 67211, 316-684-4006, www.wichitadreamcenter.com.

Mission: Support, services for at-risk children, families.

Needs: Money, electronics, food.

Wichita Radio Reading Service, 3317 E. 17th St., Wichita, 67208, 316-978-6600, www.kmuw.org.

Mission: Provides reading service for those with low vision.

Needs: Money, office supplies, money to buy fixed-tuned receivers for special needs individuals.

Women's Recovery Center of DCCCA, 1319 W. May St., Wichita, 67213, 316-262-0505, www.dccca.org.

Mission: Residential alcohol/drug dependency treatment for women.

Needs: Toiletries, toys, baby formula, blankets, preschool/toddler clothing, women's clothing up to 3X.

New Beginnings Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 209 W. 21st St., Wichita, 67203, 316-267-6504.

Mission: Offers food pantry, free clothing, monetary help.

Needs: Food, money, clothing, toiletries, toys.

Counseling, support

DCCCA Inc.-Options Adult Services. 122 N. Millwood, Wichita, 67203, 316-265-6011, www.dccca.org.

Mission: Men's residential, outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Needs : Clothing, electronics, recovery literature.

KNOX Center, 2924 E. Douglas, Wichita, 67214, 316-265-8511.

Mission: Provides addiction treatment.

Needs: Electronics, money, volunteers, van for client transportation.

Parallax Program, 830 S Hillside, Wichita, 67218, 316-686-3224, www.parallaxprogram.org.

Mission: Fight alcohol, chemical dependency.

Needs: Electronics, food, toys, flat-screen TV, Xbox 360.

SIDS Network of Kansas, 1148 S. Hillside, Suite 10, Wichita, 67218, 316-682-1301, www.sidsks.org.

Mission: Help all affected by sudden infant death.

Needs: Money, volunteers, office supplies.


Brotherhood Community Ministries, 2328 E. 13th St., Wichita, 67214, 316-263-5360.

Mission: Offers programs to inner-city youth.

Needs: Money, volunteers, food, paper towels, construction paper, healthy snack foods, pre-school scholarships.

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains, 177 W. Hickory, Hesston, 67062, 620-327-8127, www.dyckarboretum.org.

Mission: Education about native and adaptable plants.

Needs: Money, volunteers, used pickup, commercial vacuum.

Fundamental Learning Center, 917 S. Glendale, Wichita, 316-684-7323, www.funlearn.org.

Mission: Provides instructional programs for teachers and children.

Needs: Money, office supplies, volunteers, school supplies, aquarium for lobby.

Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas, 4111 E. 37th St. N., Wichita, 67219, 316-828-3910, www.yeks.org.

Mission: Provide students with business, entrepreneurial education.

Needs: Money, office supplies, volunteers.

The Kansas Jaycees' Cerebral Palsy Foundation, P.O. Box 267, Augusta, 67010, 316-775-2421, www.cpranch.org.

Mission: Residential summer program for physically, mentally challenged.

Needs: Money, electronics, volunteers, outdoor furniture, climbing gear, craft supplies.

Mid-America All-Indian Center, 650 N. Seneca, Wichita, 67203, 316-350-3340, www.theindiancenter.org.

Mission: Museum dedicated to education and preserving American Indian heritage.

Needs: Toys, money, gift cards for teens.

Sarah's Hope Foundation, 3202 W. 13th St. Suite 6, Wichita, 67203, 316-267-7975, www.sarahshope.com.

Mission: Offers crisis pregnancy referrals.

Needs: Electronics, money, volunteers, building for fundraisers, computers.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) School, 925 N. Waco, Wichita, 67203, 316-263-0810.

Mission: Helps people from many lands improve their English skills.

Needs: Volunteers, money, tutors, textbook scholarships.

Student Alliance for Scientific Education, Center for Student Leadership, Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount St., Wichita, 67260, 316-201-7243; www.wsusase.com.

Mission: Education.

Needs: Money, electronics.

Wichita Art Museum, 1400 W. Museum Blvd., Wichita, 67203, 316-268-4907, www.wichitaartmuseum.org.

Mission: Educate public about American art, history.

Needs: Money, office supplies, art supplies.

W.G. Williams Community Foundation, P.O. Box 2215, Wichita, 67201, 316-943-8951.

Mission: Provide resources, advocacy for student achievement.

Needs: Money, office supplies, volunteers, Web site.

Women's Initiative Network, 510 E. Third, Wichita, 67202, 316-262-3960, www.wichitawin.org.

Mission: Provides education, job training, for domestic abuse survivors.

Needs: Money, working used cars, vacuums, digital camera, gas cards.

Family services

Agape Care Cradle, 126 N. Emporia St., Wichita, 67202, 316-263-4673, www.agapecarecradle.org.

Mission: Ministers to families who suffer loss of a baby.

Needs: Office supplies, volunteers, money, gift certificates to craft stores and office supply stores, stamps.

Agape Resource Center, 116 East Sixth St., Newton, 67114, 316-283-1600.

Mission: Feed and clothe residents in need in Harvey County.

Needs: Money, food.

Alzheimer's Association Central and Western Kansas, 347 S. Laura, Wichita, 67211, 316-267-7333, www.alz.org/centralandwesternkansas.

Mission: Support Alzheimer's patients and their families.

Needs: Electronics, office supplies, money, gift certificates (Walmart, gas, office supply stores), postage.

A Better Choice, 3007 E. Central, Wichita, 67214, 316-685-5757, www.pregnancywichita.com.

Mission: Crisis pregnancy resource center.

Needs: Office supplies, money, toiletries, diapers sizes newborn-2, formula.

Birthline, 3369 N. Seneca, Wichita, 316-265-0134.

Mission: Pregnancy help.

Needs: Food, clothing, powdered formula, diapers, crib, receiving blankets.

Dear Neighbor Ministries, 1329 S. Bluffview, Wichita, 67218, 316-684-5120, www.csjdearneighbor.org.

Mission: Transforming lives of poor, abused, neglected.

Needs: Money, food, volunteers, gas cards/bus passes.

DCCCA Family Preservation Services, 1319 W. May St., Wichita, 67213, 316-267-2030 ext. 156, www.dccca.org.

Mission: Helps families whose children are at risk for removal from home.

Needs: Food, money, toys, diapers and wipes, parenting videos, bus passes, baby formula, gas cards.

Family Life Center Safehouse, P.O. Box 735, El Dorado, 67042, 316-321-7104.

Mission: Supports domestic violence/sexual assault victims.

Needs: Money, toiletries, volunteers, toilet paper, cleaning supplies.

Families Together, 3033 W. Second St., Suite 106, Wichita, 67203, 316-945-7747, www.familiestogetherinc.org.

Mission: Helps Kansans with disabilities.

Needs: Electronics, toys, office supplies, Wii and Guitar Hero, DVD player.

Friends of the Keeper, P.O. Box 517, Haysville, 67060, 316-706-9242.

Mission: Promotes awareness of the Native American culture.

Needs: Money, food, toiletries, diapers, blankets.

Gerard House, 3144 N. Hood, Wichita, 67204, 316-832-0777.

Mission: Housing and support for pregnant women.

Needs: Clothing, toiletries, office supplies, household products, gift cards.

HopeNet, 2501 E. Central, Suite 2, Wichita, 67214, 316-684-4673, www.hopenetwichita.org.

Mission: Restoring dignity, hope for those in crisis.

Needs: Money, toiletries, food, coffee, coffee filters, toys for lobby.

House of Hope Wichita, P.O. Box 20930, Wichita, 67208, 316-737-4673, www.houseofhopewichita.org.

Mission: Provides safe Christian environment to troubled teens, ages 13 to 17.

Needs: Money, office and kitten supplies, volunteers, bedding, furniture.

Respite Outreach Care for Kansans Organization, 2250 N. Rock Road, Suite 118-181, Wichita, 67226, 316-687-5700, www.rockoinc.org.

Mission: Respite and enrichment for special-needs individuals, families.

Needs: Money, volunteers, office supplies, karaoke machine, musical jam box.

StepStone, 1329 S. Bluffview, Wichita, 67218, 316-265-1611, www.stepstoneks.org.

Mission: Helping domestic violence survivors.

Needs: Money, toiletries, volunteers, vehicles.

Wichita Habitat for Humanity, 420 E. English, Suite A, Wichita, 67202, 316-269-0755, www.wichitahabitat.org.

Mission: Builds homes for families in need.

Needs: Office supplies, volunteers, construction supplies including 6-foot ladders, protective eyewear, carpenter's gloves, framing hammers, hand sanitizer, network printer.

Youth Horizons, 1601 E. Douglas, Wichita, 67211, 316-262-8293, www.youthhorizons.net.

Mission: Help children, families become productive members of community.

Needs: Money, office supplies, 10-seat passenger van, dependable farming tractor.

Youthville, 4505 E. 47th St. S., Wichita, 67210, 316-529-9100, www.youthville.org.

Mission: Giving children back their childhood.

Needs: toiletries, money, volunteers.

Health care

American Red Cross Central Plains Blood Services Region, 707 N Main, Wichita, 67203, 316-268-0812, www.bloodisneeded.org.

Mission: Collect, process, test, distribute blood to hospitals.

Needs: Volunteers, blood and platelet donors.

Flint Hills Therapeutic Riding Center, P.O. Box 782622, Wichita, 67278, 316-733-8943, http://flinthillstrc.com.

Mission: Therapeutic horseback riding for people with disabilities.

Needs: Money, volunteers, office supplies, bagged wood shavings for horse bedding, heavy weight winter horse blankets.

Guadalupe Clinic, 940 S. St. Francis, Wichita, 316-264-8974, www.guadalupeclinic.com.

Mission: Provide health care to those in need.

Needs: Food, money, toys, gas cards or bus tickets, over-the-counter medications for adults.

Hunter Health Clinic, 2318 E. Central, Wichita, 67214, 316-262-3611, www.hunterhealthclinic.org.

Mission: Provides comprehensive quality health care.

Needs: Money, electronics, office supplies, over-the-counter medicine such as sinus medicine, cold medicine.

Kansas Police and Fire Athletic Association, P.O. Box 771253, Wichita, 67277, 316-721-9025, www.kpfaa.net.

Mission: Starting programs in the area to fight childhood obesity.

Needs: Money and volunteers.

Lupus Foundation of America, Kansas Chapter, P.O. Box 12204, Wichita, 316-262-6180, www.kansaslupus.org.

Mission: Serve needs of those with lupus and their families.

Needs: Volunteers, money, office supplies, printing services.

Prairie View, 1901 E. First St., Newton, 67114, 316-284-6400. www.prairieview.org.

Mission: Provides behavioral and mental health services.

Needs: Money, toiletries, toys, gift cards (including gas cards), art supplies.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 300 N. Main, Suite 300, Wichita, 67202,316-266-4050, www.lls.org.

Mission: Improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Needs: Office supplies, electronics, money.

Project Access, 1102 S. Hillside, Wichita, 67218, 316-688-0600, www.projectaccess.net.

Mission: Increase access to health care for uninsured.

Needs: Office supplies, magazine subscriptions, copy/printer paper.

Victory in the Valley, 3755 E. Douglas, Wichita, 67218, 316-682-7400, www.victoryinthevalley.org.

Mission: Support services for cancer patients and their families.

Needs: Money, food, gift cards for fuel.

Wheat State Manor, 601 S. Main, Whitewater, 67154, 316-799-2181, www.wheatstatemanor.org.

Mission: Care of frail elderly.

Needs: Money, toiletries, volunteers.

Wichita Eye Foundation, Kansas Eye Bank & Cornea Research Center, 625 N. Carriage Parkway, Suite 190, Wichita, 67208, 316-260-8220, www.kansaseyebank.org.

Mission: Encourages donation of human eye tissue.

Needs: Money.

Holiday giving

Catholic Charities, 532 N. Broadway, Wichita, 67214, 316-264-8344, www.catholiccharitieswichita.org.

Mission: Service, education, advocacy and collaboration.

Needs: Money, food, toys, teen gifts.

Haysville Community Outreach, 141 N. Lamar, Haysville, 67060, 316-524-6302.

Mission: Serving USD 261 families in need during the holidays.

Needs: Money, Toys, food, volunteers.

American Legion Air Capital Post 401, 101 E. 31st St. South, Wichita, 67216, 316-522-5901.

Mission: Sends packages to servicemen and women.

Needs: Money.

Andover Caring and Sharing, 715 E. 13th St., Andover, 67002; 316-218-6215.

Mission : Serves those in need in the Andover area with food, clothing, and age-appropriate gifts.

Needs: Food, money, toys, hats and gloves, volunteers.

Inter-Faith Ministries Operation Holiday, 829 N. Market, Wichita, 67214; 316-264-9303; www.ifmnet.org.

Mission: Offers food assistance during the holidays.

Needs: Volunteers, food, money, new or gently used coats in all sizes, new and gently used blankets.

Share the Season, a project of the Salvation Army, Wichita Community Foundation and Wichita Eagle; 301 N. Main, Suite 100, Wichita, 67202; 316-263-2769, www.sharetheseason.org.

Mission: Offers one-time help to people affected by unforeseen hardships.

Needs: Money.

Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center; 355 N. Waco, Wichita, 67203; 316-263-0185, www.wichitasac.com.

Mission: Provides services and educational programming.

Needs : Volunteers, electronics, gas cards, 20-ride bus passes, colorful journals, gift cards.

Homeless services

First Metropolitan Community Church, 156 S. Kansas, Wichita, 67211, 316-267-1852, www.mccwichita.com.

Mission: Operates homeless shelter, clothes closet.

Needs: Clothing, washer and dryer, two 32-inch shower stalls.

United Methodist Open Door, 228 Ellis, Wichita, 67211; 316-265-9371, www.umopendoor.org.

Mission: Provides food, clothing and shelter.

Needs: Money, nonperishable food, toiletries, coats, hats and gloves, socks and underwear.

Butler Homeless Initiative, P.O. Box 11, El Dorado, 67042, 316-322-8227, www.butlerhomelessinitiative.org.

Mission: Networking in Christ for the homeless.

Needs: Money, electronics.

Inter-Faith Ministries Housing & Homeless Services, 829 N. Market, Wichita, 67214, 316-264-9303; www.ifmnet.org.

Needs: Toiletries, new underwear and socks, sweaters, sweats, bedding, towels, washcloths and silverware, men's coats, gloves,

Union Rescue Mission of Wichita, 2800 N. Hillside, Wichita, 67219, 316-687-4673, www.urmwichita.org.

Mission: To rescue and serve the homeless, the poor, and the needy.

Needs: Money, food, clothing, adult-sized backpacks able to close securely, adult men's hooded sweatshirts-all sizes.

Senior services

Asbury Park Retirement Community, 200 SW 14th Street, Newton, 67114, 316-283-4770; www.asbury-park.org.

Mission: Offers independent living, assisted living and 24-hour nursing care.

Needs: Money, volunteers, electronics, heavy duty or bariatric wheelchairs, light weight 6- or 8-foot folding tables.

El Dorado Senior Center, 210 E. Second St., El Dorado, 67042, 316-321-0142.

Mission: Fellowship, recreation for those over 50.

Needs: Office supplies, food.

La Familia Senior Community Center, 841 W. 21st St. North, Wichita, 67203, 316-267-1700.

Mission: Serve underserved elderly and their families.

Needs: Money, electronics, fax machine, copier, printer.

Leon Senior Citizens, 112 S. Main, Leon, 67074, 316-745-9200, www.leonseniorcenter.com.

Mission: Fellowship, recreation, for those over 50.

Needs: Volunteers, vacuum cleaner, convection oven.

Mid-Kansas Senior Outreach, 5555 N. Woodlawn Suite 3105, Wichita, 67067, 316-685-1821.

Mission: Wellness, safety and independence for seniors.

Needs: Food, money, toiletries, dehumidifier, gift cards.

Newton Area Senior Center, 122 E. 6th St., Newton, 67114, 316-283-2222.

Mission: Provide physical, educational, social and recreational activities to seniors.

Needs: Money, office supplies, electronics.

Senior Services of Wichita, 200 S. Walnut, Wichita, 67213, 316-267-0302 ex. 216, www.seniorservicesofwichita.org.

Mission: Support quality of life for older people.

Needs: Money, office supplies, volunteers, four digital cameras, quality used office chairs.