Q-Line trolley will run 6 nights a week

Those looking for a free lift around downtown will have more options starting this week.

The city-operated Q-Line trolleys have expanded service to six nights a week from three. The trolleys now run from 6 to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 6 p.m. to midnight Friday, and from noon to midnight on Saturday.

The Q-Line runs between Old Town, Keeper of the Plains, Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Century II and the Hyatt Regency.

It's seen as a key to moving people during events at Intrust Bank Arena and as a big part of the future of downtown Wichita.

The expanded service will be paid for with $66,000 from the city and $93,000 from Sedgwick County.

In June, 1,004 people rode the trolleys. That climbed to 1,433 in July and 1,432 in August, according to Mike Vinson, the city's transit manager.

Vinson doesn't expect a quick spike in ridership on the weekdays. But he said it's important to establish the weekday routes so that it's a well-known and efficient service when Intrust Bank Arena opens in January.