Police, loved ones fan out in search of missing teen

OVERLAND PARK — Keighley Ann Alyea sent hundreds of texts a day. She talked with her family every day. She was in constant touch with multitudes of friends.

The night she was last seen, a friend and her baby slept in her room while she took the couch. That is typical — the 18-year-old didn't like to be alone, said Alyea's mother, Kelley Bastel.

"It's not like Keighley to fall off the face of the Earth," said Bastel.

Alyea's family and friends fanned out around Johnson County and Kansas City, Kan., on Monday posting fliers for Alyea, who hasn't been seen or heard from since about midnight last Tuesday. They started a Facebook page dedicated to finding her and also have set up a reward fund.

Their search became all the more urgent after a patrol officer found her 1993 dark green Mazda 626 over the weekend parked in the 6200 block of Foster Street in Overland Park.

The officer found the unoccupied car around 6 p.m. Sunday, and police towed it to search for evidence, said Overland Park police Public Information Officer Jim Weaver. It was unclear how long the car had been there.

Overland Park has a large number of detectives dedicated to finding her, Weaver said. Their biggest asset is the many, many people Alyea had contact with, so detectives are trying to talk with as many as possible.

Police are concerned that she is in danger because she hasn't been in touch and was involved in a violent situation Sept. 28. When an ex-boyfriend and his sister got into an argument that turned violent, Alyea intervened, Weaver and her family said.

Police have been checking Alyea's cell phone service. "We have not had any activity on it for a long time," Weaver said, but he would not say when it was last used.

That also is unlike Alyea.

"She would get on the Internet every single day," said her uncle, Ed Frentrop, "and talk to people on Facebook and talk to people on her phone and text people. She talked to her mom and dad every single day. She talked to my daughter almost every single day through texting and whatnot.

"Then everything stopped."

Detectives have talked with three persons of interest, including the ex-boyfriend involved in the argument.

Police on Monday were interviewing residents who lived near where Alyea's car was found and have checked trash containers in the area, Weaver said.

Alyea's parents don't know of any friends or acquaintances she had at the apartment complex where her car was found, but her friends think she did, Bastel said.

Family and friends taped fliers on doors at those apartments and then headed to the Overland Park apartment complex on 87th Street where Alyea lives. Friends walked their own neighborhoods to get the word out as widely as possible.

"Remember her name," her mother implored. "Remember her face. Anything you know, give us the information we need to find her and bring her home."

Her father, Pat Hayes, urged his daughter's acquaintances to not be shy of the police. They don't care if you have a warrant out for a past traffic ticket or skipped court appearance, he said.

"There's got to be some more information out there," Hayes said. "Someone has to know what happened. Someone has to know where she's at."

Alyea's parents described her as a caring, outgoing girl who has many friends and loves to sing and dance. She earned her GED and enrolled at Johnson County Community College but dropped out after three weeks, Bastel said. The community college lists her as enrolled.

She plans to go back next semester after she is clearer about what she wants to study, said Frentrop.

Alyea works at Arby's and moved about a month ago to an apartment where she could walk to the restaurant.

It was typical that she intervened in the argument last Monday, Bastel said. She stood up for her friends.

Bastel last talked with her daughter Sept. 28. They made plans to spend Thanksgiving together.

"We're hoping for the best that we find her alive, of course," Bastel said. "We are definitely preparing for the worst because it has been six days."