Handing over the keys to Intrust Bank Arena

Now that the Intrust Bank Arena has been built, it's time to learn how to run it.

A little more than two months before its official opening, construction is substantially complete, with only minor details to be addressed, the county has said.

SMG, which has the contract to manage the arena, was to take over the building shortly after midnight today after receiving the keys from the construction crews, and soon will begin training workers.

Chris Presson, the arena's general manager, said there won't be any public access to the arena until SMG releases a schedule for its grand opening in the coming weeks.

The public will get to see the arena before the first event, a concert by country star Brad Paisley on Jan. 9, he said. That information won't be released for several weeks.

Meanwhile, SMG will begin to familiarize its personnel with the arena, train workers on the operation of the building's systems, and bring them up to speed on SMG's standards for running the facility, Presson said.

"We can get a good handle on what the building's all about," he said.

SMG will begin taking delivery of furniture, fixtures and equipment for the arena early in November, he said.