WSU to offer free depression program

Wichita State University's Psychology Clinic is offering a free 12-session program for adults coping with depression.

"We are looking for as many people as we can get," said Rob Zettle, the psychology professor at WSU who is conducting the clinic.

No drugs are prescribed, Zettle said, but people who are currently on depression medication can participate.

Some participants may be counseled through cognitive therapy, Zettle said.

"That's where we are identifying ways of thinking that may contribute to depression and systematically try ways of changing that thinking," he said.

Others may learn about acceptance and commitment therapy.

"That's where we place the emphasis not so much on trying to change how people think, but how they can accept those thoughts and focus on the changes of behavior useful for getting themselves out of depression," he said.

Participants will be screened and evaluated for the program. One-on-one sessions will then be scheduled.

For more information or to schedule a screening evaluation, contact Zettle at 316-978-3081 or robert.zettle@wichita.edu.