County releases redacted versions of Coliseum proposals

Sedgwick County late Wednesday afternoon released redacted proposals from three groups hoping to develop the Kansas Coliseum.

Hartman Arena, Heritage Development Group/Walz Harman Huffman Construction/Adventure RV and Truck Center/Adventureland RV Rentals and Sales, and North American Management Group-Kansas (NORAM)/the Law Company/LawKingdon responded to the county's call in July for requests for proposals.

Commissioners have not yet set a date for making a decision.

Here are summaries of each proposal:

Hartman Arena

* Hartman's proposal would keep the Coliseum complex largely the same. It would book events only for the floor of Britt Brown Arena or at the pavilions to avoid the arena's current noncompliance issues with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

* Management would try to have 30 to 80 event days a year.

* Hartman would control all food and beverage and merchandise sales through Hartmoor Concessions and split net profits with the county.

* The group would negotiate all sponsorships and retain a portion of the agreements.

* Hartman would maintain the interior of the pavilions, and the county would be responsible for lawn care.

* Hartman would develop bids for any building repairs more than $2,500 to be approved by the county with the cost going to the county.

* Stage1Tickets would be the exclusive ticketing company for all events.

* The county would be responsible for utilities.

* Information about revenue sharing was redacted, and project costs were listed as "to be determined." Financing is to come only from the county.

* Hartman would not build any new facilities at the complex.

Heritage Development Group

* Heritage envisions the Coliseum becoming the "Saddle Rock Rodeo Resort."

* It would use Britt Brown Arena, pending ADA compliance, and the pavilions.

* Heritage proposes building a 50- to 70-room hotel with shuttle service to downtown Wichita.

* Adventure RV & Truck Center would operate Weidemann Park and build a new sales and service center on the northwest corner of the park. The service center would be open 24 hours a day, and a 24-hour restaurant is planned. Upgrades to RV camping also are planned, as is a clubhouse.

* How Heritage would deal with ADA issues at Britt Brown is marked as "to be determined."

* Who would maintain the complex under Heritage's proposal also is marked as "to be determined."

* Information about how Heritage would share revenue with the county was redacted.

* Heritage estimated project costs as $21.9 million. Information about how that would be financed was redacted.

* Heritage would expand the pavilions and horse stalls and add a hotel, a clubhouse at Weidemann Park and a veterinary building.


* NORAM plans to add three hotels and 250,000 square feet of mixed-use retail.

* The proposal would reduce fixed seating in Britt Brown Arena so that it can be more flexible for large events.

* The group would also expand Britt Brown Arena to handle several events at one time or host "national events" that need more space.

* NORAM's plan calls for 206 events in its first stable year with 382,878 people attending. That includes 40 equestrian shows, 44 livestock shows, 27 sporting events and 95 conventions and trade shows.

* It plans to earn $50,000 from naming rights. Total ground lease and retail revenues were redacted by the county.

* The group wouldn't change the pavilions or horse arena. It would continue similar events in the facilities.

* Sedgwick County would retain land ownership, and Weidemann Park wouldn't be changed.

* The group would deal with handicapped parking and access issues. It would add new facilities to each end of the arena.

* NORAM would use some private investment. But it also would ask the county to approve a tax increment finance district and STAR bonds to help finance its plans. A tax increment finance district would channel any new property taxes into a fund that pays for things like landscaping, property acquisition and street and utility upgrades. STAR bonds help develop major commercial projects by channeling state sales tax revenue from businesses in the district toward public improvements.

* The group would take about a year to complete its renovations.