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Mobile yoga instructor finds ‘Limitless’ space downtown

Kelsea Wright opened a 3,500-square-foot studio on south Pattie for her Limitless Yoga earlier this month.
Kelsea Wright opened a 3,500-square-foot studio on south Pattie for her Limitless Yoga earlier this month. The Wichita Eagle

Kelsea Wright was trying to get over a back injury when a friend made a suggestion.

“Nothing had worked," Wright said. "I tried physical therapy, pain medicine. A friend invited me to a yoga class. I thought she was crazy and I wouldn't like it. I ended up absolutely loving it.”

And her back got better. Now Wright is spreading the word about the benefits of yoga for mind and body. She started Limitless Yoga as a mobile yoga studio more than two years ago, offering classes to everybody from employees of businesses to the Valley Center High School football team.

Earlier this month, she opened a 3,500-square-foot studio on south Pattie, so she no longer has to do all her teaching elsewhere.

The teaching aspect comes naturally to Wright, who has a master's degree in education and spent 10 years teaching kindergarten.

“I absolutely adored teaching," she said. "I just changed subjects.”

Wright said operating a mobile studio allowed her to build up a clientele, but she's always wanted to own a "brick and mortar" studio as well, preferably in downtown. She found one she could afford in a former office building and warehouse south of the Douglas Avenue Design District.

"I just fell in love with the energy and that downtown vibe," she said.

Friends and family – her dad, mom, husband and three sisters – helped turn the building into a studio

“That's what made the whole thing really special," she said. "A lot of sweat equity.”

The studio contains a lobby and two studios. The smaller studio is for beginners, kids and restorative yoga classes. The larger one is set up for one of Wright's specialities – hot yoga, for which the temperature is set at 85 degrees.

“A heated room allows your muscles to warm up a little quicker," she said. "It allows you to deepen poses.”

Wright added that the temperature "will definitely make you sweat…but you're still safe and not getting too overheated."

The studio's name refers to its pricing structure: for $60 a month, a client can take as many yoga classes as they want. One-time classes are $10 and a ten-pack of classes is $90. Newcomers can try one class for free, and a discount is offered for students, teachers, members of the military and first responders.

Wright said the all-you-can-yoga option "is one of our most popular. If you come in more than twice a week, it's worth it. On average, most people are three times a week. But you also have people that yoga keeps them sane, so they're there every day."

Wright and two other instructors lead the sessions. The studio sells a small amount of yoga mats, tank tops and other merchandise, and Wright is in the process of adding showers and a locker room.

The studio is part of this week's Final Friday tour, showing work by two artists and offering a free unheated yoga class from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Wright hasn't given up the mobile part of her studio either. She is, after all, a teacher.

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Address: 357 S. Pattie

Phone: 316-253-4260

Owner: Kelsea Wright