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Long-term relationships matter at Mahaney Roofing

Long-term relationships matter at Mahaney Roofing Co. — as might be expected in a company that’s been around since 1888.

“I love working for Mahaney because I’m able to focus on the relationships with our customer and with our employees,” vice president Damon Young said. “I can build a promise to our customers that we’re fulfilling through our employees.”

Mahaney is a commercial roofing company whose work can be seen on many of the city’s landmark buildings. About one-third of its business is new construction and two-thirds reroofing and service.

Young is in charge of sales, business development and community development at Mahaney. He worked as a youth pastor out of college, then as a manager for the Sod Shop and owner of a small consulting firm.

It was a relationship with Mark Bolt, Mahaney’s fifth owner, that brought him to the company in 2009.

“As I was doing due diligence on the business, I became more and more interested in it. It was a good business, and it had been around forever,” Young said.

Q: Best business advice you have received:

A: “Focus on what’s really important to the customer and solve that, not what’s important to you.”

Q: Best business advice you wish you’d taken:

A: “When the previous owner of Mahaney left … he said if you’re hammering in a nail and the phone rings, finish hammering in the nail. In other words, finish what you’ve started. That is a constant challenge.”

Q: What sets your company apart?

A: “I think our integrity and our commitment to growing leaders at all levels of the company so that we can provide world-class customer service.”

Q: Why do you prefer to run your own business as opposed to working for someone else?

A: “I think the reason I work for a small business is less bureaucracy for making change and implementing innovative ideas for the customer.”

Q: What’s your company’s next goal?

A: “I think our goals are to continually grow leaders from within and to grow and expand our service division.”

Tier II

Name of business: Mahaney Roofing Co.

Year founded: 1888

Owner: Mark Bolt

Address: 2822 N. Mead St.

Phone: 316-262-4768