Public Records

Commercial Building Permits (Dec. 11)

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Victor Deleon, 2412 Laura, $110,194, house.

Steve Kelley Construction, 3308 W. Eighth St., $204,661, house.

Shores Fire Repair, 2725 S. Emporia, $400,000, repair, Construction GT LLC.

Jimmy Johns, 7325 W. Taft, $116,000, alteration, Hahner Foreman and Harness.

Clint Miller Construction, 2709 S. Westgate, $144,518, house.

Don Klausmeyer Construction, 8708 W. Conrey, $157,732, house.

Specs, 1423 N. Webb Road, $50,000, alteration, Belmont Construction.

Socora Homes, 1011 S. Lynnrae Lane, $158,652, house.

Relph Construction, 2013 S. Triple Crown, $167,976, house

Starbucks, 8971 W. Central, $397,000, alteration, R.A. Heath Construction.

Latino Grocery, 2290 S. Oliver, $75,000, alteration, Enterprise Construction.

Prairie Construction, 852 S. Glen Wood Court, $160,023, house.

Office Building, 2010 N. Broadway, $200,000, alteration, Simpson Construction Services.

Steve Kelley Construction, 321 S. Carlton Circle, $204,661, house.

Mennonite Housing and Rehabilitation, 1954 N. Ash, $97,700, house.

Larksfield Place, 7373 E. 29th N., $750,000, addition, Commerce Construction Services.

Auto Body Shop, 10011 E. Kellogg, $400,000, alteration, Commerce Construction Services.