Public Records

Commercial Building Permits (Nov. 6)

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Apartment Building, 310 E. Pine, $3,000, alteration, C&C Contracting.

Banquet Facility, 209 E. William, $5,000, alteration, Belmont Construction.

Blue Custom Homes, 215 N. City View, $181,848, house.

Chapman Custom Homes, 201 N. Fawnwood, $180,705, house.

Daryl Lee Catron, 2402 S. Prescott Circle, $145,044, house.

Digital Office Systems, 533 N. Hydraulic, $200,000, addition, Martsolf Enterprises.

Fortner & Short LLC Offices, 8111 E. 32nd N., $44,000, alteration, Sauerwein Construction.

Gray Construction, houses: 1142 W. Maywood, 1136 W. Maywood, 1128 W. Maywood, 1122 W. Maywood, 1116 W. Maywood, 1110 W. Maywood, 1104 W. Maywood, each valued at $191,692.

Holiday Inn Express, 4860 Laura, $30,000, swimming pool, American Pool.

Larry Shackelford Construction, 10615 E. Glengate Circle, $348,567, house.

Market Centre, 155 N. Market, $246,900, repair, Martin Eby Construction.

Nies Construction, 10501 E. Summerfield Circle, $338,666, house.

Office Building, 2414 N. Woodlawn, $1,680,000, alteration, Conco Inc.

Pie Five Pizza, 2035 N. Rock Road, $150,000, alteration, On-Site Construction Services.

Sedgwick County District Attorney, 535 N. Main, $94,204, alteration, Jeff Van Asdale.

U.S. Road Freight Express, 3655 S. Maize Road, $223,000, addition, Kahmann Construction.

Union Rescue Mission, 2800 N. Hillside, $337,000, addition, Icon Structures.

Via Christi Medical Building, 3600 E. Harry, $24,000, alteration, Hutton Construction.

Waterfront Residential, 1661 N. Veranda, $49,000, addition, Total Electric.


BNR Homes, 8443 S. 199th W., $250,000, house

Commercial Building, 12048 N. 143rd E., $236,000, building, Mastercraft Designs and Construction.

Commercial Storage Building, 6911 S. 183rd W., $100,000, building, Horsch Trailer Sales.

Crystie Macormac, 9740 Laura, $100,000, house.

Donald Pauly, 14950 W. Birdseye, $130,000, house.

Dream Life Homes, 2765 S. Saratoga, $255,000, house.

Goentzel Construction, 12600 W. 35th St., $285,000, house.

Haukap Construction, 25501 W. 31st St., $235,000, house.

Immaculate Heart of Mary House of Formation Convent, 3550 N. 167th W., $5,000,000, building, Dondlinger and Sons Construction.

Lee Builders, 5365 Stone Post, $374,000, house.

Lies-Bugner Construction, 5133 Idle Banks Court, $270,000, house.

Raymond Winter, 5715 N. 255th W., $800,000, house.