Public Records

Commercial Building Permits (Oct. 3)

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Blue Balloon, 8338 E. 21st St., $25,000, renovation, Rock Enterprises.

Dillons Fuel Center, 1950 W. 21st St., $510,000, building, Conco Inc.

Footlocker, 7700 E. Kellogg, $150,000, renovation, Horizon Retail Construction.

Hartman Oil, 10500 E. Berkeley Square Parkway, $12,000, renovation, Innovative Construction Services.

Knapp Weaponry, 2901 W. Central, $12,500, alteration, Meridian Construction.

Pizza Hut Delco, 6505 E. 37th N., $150,000, alteration, Confederated Builders.

Redwood Family Practice, 9446 E. Central, $249,000, building, McCollom Construction.

Robl Construction, houses: 12725 E. 27th Court N., $148,980, 4307 N. Cimarron, $155,055.

Sears, Roebuck & Co., 7700 E. Kellogg, $9,500, renovation, H.J. Martin & Son.