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Wesley Children’s Hospital opens concussion clinic

Wesley Medical Center
Wesley Medical Center File photo

Wesley Children’s Hospital has a new concussion clinic aimed at ensuring children are diagnosed and monitored before being released from a physician’s care.

“A lot of kids are being released to play before symptoms have been resolved, and that puts them at jeopardy for having lifelong issues,” Kimberly Molik, medical director of the pediatric trauma center at Wesley Medical Center, said in a release. “We want to make sure we intervene and make sure the symptoms are being treated the best they can be to protect kids from further injury.”

A concussion occurs when the brain is violently jarred back and forth or rotated inside the skull as a result of a blow to the head or body.

The concussion clinic will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month in the Medical Arts Tower at Wesley Medical Center, 3243 E. Murdock.

For more information, call 316-962-2085.

Katherine Burgess: 316-268-6400, @KathsBurgess