Health Care

Study looks at health care’s economic impact on Kansas

A report funded by the Kansas Hospital Association found that health care makes up the fourth largest sector of the state’s economy, according to a news release from the association.

The report assessed the economic impact of health care in Kansas and was produced by researchers at the Office of Local Government, and K-State Research and Extension.

The study found that health care employed an estimated 226,333 people, or 12 percent of all workers. The national average is 10.1 percent of job holders.

Kansas hospitals throughout the state employ 81,931 people, or 4.4 percent of all job holders in the state, according to the report. The report said if economic multipliers are applied, those jobs account for another 61,855 jobs in other businesses and industries.

Additionally, the study said the health care sector generates about $11.6 billion in direct labor income. Kansas hospitals generate about $4.9 billion in direct labor income in Kansas each year.

The study said that it found that hospitals’ impact on retail sales was more than $2.2 billion each year, and it was estimated that hospitals generate more than $142 million in sales tax, according to the report. Total health care sector sales tax was $328 million.

The full report can be seen on the KHA’s website