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5 questions with Cynthia Wentworth

Cynthia Wentworth isn’t afraid of a little communal self-doubt.

She recently became vice president of marketing for Go Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau, and her job is to sell the wonder of Wichita both to visitors and to residents.

She, herself, is a pretty positive person. Early in her career, she was moved to Oklahoma City by her employer, American Medical Response, after the bombing of the federal building. Her job was to help smooth out some rough relations with local media. On her first phone call to a local TV station, she got hung up on. But that was all over by the time she left, she said.

She most recently was in charge of marketing the city of Derby, Derby schools and several smaller groups. She is from Derby and lives there.

She is married to Aldon and they have three children.

Q. What do you do as head of marketing for Go Wichita?

A. We lead a team of individuals dedicated to making sure that people know all of the surprises that Wichita has to offer.

Q. How will you do that?

A. Go Wichita is doing a year-long research project on who comes to Wichita, what they love about it, and what they would like to see. And marketing will use the data from that research so we can better target a message to the people who need to hear it.

Q. What’s there to market in Derby?

A. What isn’t there to market in Derby? … Derby is an award-winning community, and not everybody knows that.

Q. What’s there to market in Wichita?

A. We have the arts, museums, the symphony … I mean, we have 1,000 restaurants here.

Q. How do you counteract Wichitans’ negative attitudes about their hometown?

A. I moved away for a job and fought for 10 years to get back. I was first in Oklahoma City and then in Kansas City. When you see what other places have to offer, then you can better appreciate what we have.