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5 questions with David King

David King is back at Equity Bank after a brief hiatus to work outside of the profession in which he’s spent most of his career.

Only this time, King, 36, is a market president, which is the reason that the Wichita North High School graduate returned to the industry.

King started in his new role in mid-February.

“The position I’m in now is the opportunity I’ve been working towards for the past 12 years,” he said. “When this was presented to me — a position like this doesn’t come along too often — the decision was pretty simple.”

King is a graduate of Wichita State University, with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in business administration. He worked three years at Emprise Bank and then joined Bankers’ Bank of Kansas, where he worked for nearly three years. He joined Equity in 2006 and was a vice president of commercial lending when he left.

He is married to Melissa and has a 14-year-old stepson, Coleman.

Q. What attracted you to banking?

A. My father’s been in banking for 40-plus years in Wichita. I’ve seen the relationships he’s been able to build. Knowing that I enjoyed building relationships, it seemed like a good place to start. I like partnering with individuals, business owners … helping them achieve and exceed their goals. And I like the creativity in commercial banking that I can provide to help meet the needs of the customer.

Q. What are a couple of your one- and five-year goals as Equity’s west Wichita president?

A. My one-year (goal) is to just expand on the relationships that are in place and really develop … new ones. One of my five-year goals would be to use the resources we have … to expand the market share of Equity and add value to the bank.

Q. Is there anything unique or different about banking in west Wichita versus any other part of the city?

A. There’s nothing really unique as far as customers or needs, but what I think is unique is the team that Equity has built out west, both as a convenience and ability for the customer to walk in and deal with somebody face to face that has the ability to solve their problems right then and there.

Q. In your position, how much of your duties are focused on administration compared with other activities, such as loans and business development?

A. It’s just being the face of that market out there. I would say it’s probably 90 percent commercial lending, business development and customer contact. The rest is administrative, just kind of normal oversight.

Q. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

A. I just completed my first half marathon over the weekend, down in Dallas. I’m feeling the effects today.