Business Q & A

5 questions with Megan McCurdy

Auctioneer Megan McCurdy grew up at McCurdy Auction, which her parents, Lonny and Annette, own.

The business has changed a lot through the years.

For instance, McCurdy said, in the past five years, the company has started doing a lot more real estate auctions, including commercial real estate.

When she was younger, the company did more personal-property auctions.

McCurdy expects the changes to continue, and she plans to be there to see them happen

Did you always know you wanted to go into the family business?

"No. In fact, I had no idea this is where I would end up. Growing up, I just thought it was work. It's not a lot of fun on Saturdays when you're 8 years old and you're going to work instead of watching cartoons.

"Towards the end of college... is when I really realized... the auction business was such a big part of me."

What's the most important thing your father taught you?

"Probably work ethic.... That's one thing my dad always said: 'I can't go wrong if I teach you how to work and teach you how to earn a living.' "

You seem to have a different style than most auctioneers. You seem to stop the quick talking to chat, almost as if you're at a tea party. How do you describe your style?

"It depends what you're selling. At charity auctions... there's more salesmanship. You definitely slow it down more.... A big part of that is entertainment. You're wanting to get the crowd laughing.

"Real estate's a lot slower even than the charity auctions. They're making big decisions. You definitely slow down your chant. You put in more description on what you're selling."

Isn't your job exhausting, especially when auctions go all day and then there's another one that night?

"It can be.... Dad always said, 'You know you're a good auctioneer when you wake up the next morning and you want to do it all over again.' "

What's one thing no one knows about you?

"I hate public speaking.

"Selling in front of a crowd all day long is completely different than giving a speech."