Business Q & A

5 questions with Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor is making house calls. Office calls, too.

With Angie King, a fellow advanced registered nurse practitioner, she has started a business called House Call Medical Services.

"We see patients in their home or in their place of business," said Taylor. Their target audiences include people too busy to spend time in a waiting room and people who have health insurance with a high deductible who would be paying out of pocket anyway. They also accept insurance.

Taylor said she and King have been in health care in Wichita since the early '90s, Taylor in hospital, long-term care and primary care settings and King in women's health and family practice settings. They met a couple of years ago.

When Taylor decided to go into practice for herself, she quickly realized that the idea would work better with a partner — and that King was the perfect partner. They can be reached at 316-393-5256 or 316-640-6050.

Why are you starting a new business now?

"We identified a very large need — the aging population as well as the sandwich generation, and even the busy working people who need easier access to health care that works on their schedule."

How does what you offer differ from home health services?

"This is primary care. This is as you would see when you go to the doctor's office and see the nurse practitioner or the physician. You would receive the exam, the diagnosis, treatment, prescription, procedure or orders for further testing — those services are what nurse practitioners provide. Home health services are provided as a result of orders obtained from a provider."

How are you marketing your business?

"So far, we're doing some guest lecturing on changing models of health care delivery, and word of mouth. We had patients calling us, people calling us before we ever started, so we haven't had to do a lot of formal marketing yet."

You mentioned the changing models of health care delivery. Do you practice with oversight?

"Kansas state law requires nurse practitioners to have on file at our primary workplace a collaborative agreement signed annually with a physician. We have a wonderful working relationship with Dr. William Simon."

What keeps you up at night?

"Usually I'm so tired from multitasking that sleep is not an issue. You could add that my patients have direct access to my cell phone, but thankfully they haven't been keeping me up at night. We've been really lucky. They've been very respectful so far."