Carrie Rengers

Fleet Feet Sports takes its time on one thing

Screenshot of Fleet Feet Sports website
Screenshot of Fleet Feet Sports website The Wichita Eagle

Fleet Feet Sports is deliberately slow about one thing.

It was February 2015 when the North Carolina-based company purchased the two GoRun Wichita stores, but the company is still transitioning to the Fleet Feet name a year and a half later.

“That’s been a challenge, to say the least,” says operating partner Joel Stansloski. The issue is “just kind of knowing … how to discuss our store and what we’re called.”

Much of the in-store branding now says Fleet Feet, but the large signs outside the stores at 2556 N. Maize Road and 2350 N. Greenwich still say GoRun.

Advertisements mostly say Fleet Feet, but employees answer the phone with both names.

“It’s always a little bit tricky with branding and things like that,” Stansloski says. “How do you tell people who you are and not confuse them totally?”

He says there are “just lots of factors at play.”

Mostly, Stansloski says, Fleet Feet didn’t want to make the transition too quickly and upset GoRun customers.

“We didn’t want to just yank the rug from underneath the community.”

That’s where co-branding helps, he says.

“We wanted people to get comfortable with that.”

Stansloski says he expects the full transition to take another six months and then, finally, GoRun will go away.

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