Carrie Rengers

Who stole the Wichita flag?

The popularity of the Wichita flag seems to be at an all-time high with many Wichitans showing it proudly outside their homes and businesses, on stickers on their cars and on T-shirts.

It’s so popular, the flag was stolen from the Moeder & Associates and Stor-All Self Storage offices at 122 S. Hydraulic over the weekend.

Daniel Moeder says his mother, Susan, was the first one to notice the flag was missing on Monday.

Security footage showed it was taken just before 11 p.m. Friday.

Daniel Moeder says a young man – at least it looks like a man, who may or may not be wearing a kilt – walked up “and just put it over his shoulder and walked around the corner.”

“He just walks likes he’s walking in a parade.”

Moeder says he used his phone to shoot footage of the incident, and he put it on Facebook. As of Wednesday afternoon, it had more than 2,100 views and has been shared 32 times.

If he’d known it was going to get this much traffic, Moeder says he would have put up a better video.

He says he’s not planning to call the police.

“It’s a $75 flag.”

He says he’s also enjoying some of the comments – many of the inappropriate variety – the incident is generating on Facebook.

“I’m having more entertainment with that than what the actual value is there.”

He’s offering a reward if the flag is returned: a Wichita flag.

“It seems like the right thing to do if someone helps you – give them another flag.”

There’s no question the Moeders plan to replace their flag. Daniel Moeder’s father, Leon, says they were flying the Wichita flag before flying it was cool.

“Before anywhere else in town.”

Daniel Moeder says he’s not sure why the incident has generated so much interest.

“People (must) really like their Wichita flag.”

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