Carrie Rengers

Tesla Motors to reschedule test rides

There were a couple of Teslas at the new Tesla charging station next to the Applebee’s at 47th and Broadway on Monday, but they weren’t there to give free test rides.

That Tesla, which Tesla Motors planned to bring to celebrate the new station, never made it as planned.

“What, did they run out of juice?” wondered one woman who came for a ride with her husband.

Turns out Mother Nature got in the way. The crew that was going to drive a Tesla from Kansas City had to fly through Chicago, where a major snowstorm hit over the weekend.

Initially, it looked like the event would still happen, only delayed. Now, though, it’s going to be rescheduled.

One of the Tesla owners who showed up to see the official car allowed people who came to the event to check out his.

The husband and wife, at least, took the cancellation in stride.

The husband says, “We chuckled and went on to lunch.”

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