Carrie Rengers

Caregiver Co. building a new warehouse

Six months after bringing its Caregiver Bed to the market, Andover-based Caregiver Co. is taking a big step forward with a new 46,000-square-foot warehouse near 31st South and Oliver, next to Spirit AeroSystems.

“We are needing the facility so … we can produce more product,” president Chris McCoy says. “They’re doing well.”

The beds, which so far are in about 100 rooms in five hospitals, are for family members of patients staying in hospitals.

“It is a bed that goes in the hospital room to replace the couch … or the recliner chairs,” McCoy says.

His own family’s situation inspired the company.

“My mom went through a really bad bout of cancer,” McCoy says.

His father, Hal, would stay the night in a hospital chair.

“I watched my dad suffer in that blue chair,” McCoy says.

“I just left saying, ‘There has to be something better,’” he says. “I went home, and I was just thinking about it and drew it up on a napkin.”

The retractable bed was in product development for three years.

“It’s been through a lot of product development – a lot of testing,” McCoy says.

“We took a very simple idea,” he says. “It took a long time to get to the simplicity that it is to make sure it was literally a great product.”

The bed has a specifically designed Tempur-Pedic mattress.

“It’s very safe. Durable,” McCoy says. “It’s very easy to clean and sanitize. It’s very comfortable.”

His father also is an owner in the company as is Russ Meyer Jr. and his sons, Chris and Russ Meyer III. Jim Foulston and Terry Freund are minority partners.

Caregiver Co. is keeping its corporate offices in Andover at 541 S. Riverview and is combining a couple of smaller warehouses into new space at 4611 E. 31st St. South.

Bradley Tidemann of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

With increased production at the new space, McCoy says he hopes to quickly get the product in more hospitals nationwide.

“It’s just so easy to use for the … family members.”

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