Carrie Rengers

Fourth National Bank inspired 2005 art exhibit

Artist Ann Resnick says she’s not sure what made her watch Have You Heard’s recent video on the former Fourth National Bank space at the newly named Douglas building, but she was delighted to see one of her past creations.

It turns out the “You look like a million bucks” vinyl sign wasn’t from the bank but inspired by it for a 2005 Shift Space and Wichita State University art exhibit, which was called “Bank Job: Site and Collaboration.”

“That was a riot,” Resnik says of seeing the sign again.

“It was all supposed to be a temporary installation,” she says. “I don’t know if anybody ever went back to take stuff out, though.”

Resnik says the owners of the vacant building invited the artists, who displayed their work through Final Friday, to come “do what we would with whatever we found there.”

“The idea was renovation was imminent, and so they weren’t really wedded to anything that was there.”

Resnik titled her vinyl sign “Bank Statement.”

She also did one that was inspired when she lifted an orange carpet tile and was shocked to find terrazzo underneath.

“Everything was still very, very ’70s,” Resnik says. “I mean, they put carpet tile down on these beautiful, beautiful floors.”

Her cutout said, “You are sooo money.”

It’s not clear if that remains in the building, but Bank Statement does. Key Construction isn’t finishing the space until developer John McWilliams has a commercial tenant for it.

McWilliams plans a wine cellar and tasting room for apartment tenants to use where the bank’s former vault now sits empty.

Resnik saw the vault’s carpet, which features dollar signs, in the video and says it easily might not have survived the artists.

“We could have cut the whole thing up as far as they were concerned,” she says of the owners.

“It was quite energetic,” she says of the exhibit.

“It was a great idea for a show.”

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