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QuikTrip moves to try to revitalize 13th and Oliver area

QuikTrip generally is fairly particular about what it will allow at its properties after it closes a store.

“They do have pretty strict restrictions,” says Jake Ramstack, a broker with Insite Real Estate Group.

He and InSite’s Carl Hebert have listed QuikTrip’s former store at the northeast corner of 13th and Oliver.

The store closed in February at the same time Wal-Mart announced it would be closing its Neighborhood Market at the northwest corner.

Ramstack says QuikTrip is easing some of its restrictions in this case – and adding a few extra ones.

“In this one, they’re working with the city to try to revitalize that area since Wal-Mart also left,” he says.

QuikTrip is lifting its customary fast food restriction.

“They don’t want to kill that corner,” Ramstack says. “It would be a good corner for fast food.”

QuikTrip also added a restriction against pawn shops and check-cashing businesses.

Ramstack says QuikTrip is working hard – “They’re asking us to work hard” – to find another user.

“We have had several fast food operators asking about it,” he says. “We’ve shown it to several already, and they’re pretty interested.”

An issue, though, is converting the 3,250-square-foot building into one with a drive-through.

Ramstack says a potential user or users might need to demolish the existing building.

He says there’s room for more than one restaurant.

“It’s over an acre,” Ramstack says. “That much land would accommodate more than one fast food user for sure.”

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