Carrie Rengers

Professional Home Buyers expands into Florida

The fast-growing Professional Home Buyers is growing some more, but not in Wichita.

It’s expanding into Florida with the Tampa-area market.

“That opens up more opportunities,” says owner Tony Javier. “I know we have a proven model that we can plug into multiple markets.”

He started the company in 2001.

“We purchase undervalued homes, and we renovate them to like-new condition, and we sell them to home buyers.”

The company has a rent-to-own program as well.

It expanded to the Kansas City area in 2011.

“So this will actually be our third market,” Javier says of Tampa.

He says he chose the area because he sees opportunity for growth, but Javier says there are some personal reasons involved, too.

“When I left,” he says of a recent trip out of Wichita, “it was zero degrees out.”

Warm weather and beaches are important to him, Javier says.

“California was probably … my No. 1 choice of where I wanted to live.”

Property and rental prices weren’t as amenable there, he says.

“Florida just made more sense.”

Javier says the company already doubled in size last year to about 15 employees. He says the Tampa market in particular allows him to expand in every direction.

“We’re kind of a machine right now.”

Future growth could be through the company renovating more houses or through another way, he says.

“We’re looking at a franchising model or a licensing-type model.”

He says more Florida markets beyond Tampa are something that he’ll consider.

“I’m just not sure how far and how fast.”

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