Carrie Rengers to deliver restaurant food to stay-at-home diners will debut its food delivery service on April 18. will debut its food delivery service on April 18. Courtesy illustration

In an age where convenience is king, Brian Burleson and Jennifer Duda are trying to make dining out a little easier.

“We are going to be a food delivery company,” he says of

He says Duda, his girlfriend, is something of a franchisee for the larger restaurant delivery service, which is in other cities in Kansas, California and Iowa so far. Burleson says he’s the director of marketing and social media for the Wichita business, which will debut April 18.

“We’re from here in Wichita, so we really want to make sure we focus at the beginning of our company on the local locations,” he says.

Burleson says he and Duda are making deals with restaurants such as the Monarch, Delano Barbecue and Joe’s Oldtown Bar & Grill to take their food to diners at their homes, work or places such as ball fields.

“We want to make sure we can create that convenience for everyone,” he says.

In some cases, he says, workers might have only 30 minutes for lunch but are “really craving a certain kind of a food.” Burleson says since so few restaurants deliver, this service makes sense.

Deliveries will start at $3.95 for a radius of 7 miles or less from restaurants.

Burleson says his goal is to add five new restaurants a week to the service.

“Once Wichita is running and operational and it’s fluid … our next stop will be Derby,” he says

That will include the Mulvane area. Then Burleson says he and Duda want to expand to Andover and Augusta.

Burleson says restaurants and potential drivers can reach him at if they’re interested in the service.

He says he thinks there will be interest for the deliveries.

“It’s definitely needed.”

Carrie Rengers: 316-268-6340, @CarrieRengers