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Entrap Games, a room escape game, to open in Old Town

The logo for Entrap Games, which is opening later this month or in early April in Old Town.
The logo for Entrap Games, which is opening later this month or in early April in Old Town. Courtesy illustration

Much like when Wichita’s first trampoline park opened and a second immediately followed, there’s now a competing business for Wichita Room Escape, which opened in October at Clifton Square.

Entrap Games is going to open in 2,500 square feet at 443 N. Mosley, which is just north of Third Street and a little west of Washington in Old Town.

“We’re real, live escape rooms,” says owner Daniel Dittmeyer. “Basically it’s an adventure game where people … are locked inside a room together.”

The game rooms can accommodate up to 10 people, who have an hour to try to free themselves.

“Essentially they have to solve a series of puzzles,” Dittmeyer says. “It’s a linear path, so step A will get them to step B.”

Players need a key or code to unlock a door to be let out.

“There are secret passages,” Dittmeyer says.

Entrap Games is opening with two rooms, each with the same scenario.

“Groups can challenge each other to see who can get out first,” Dittmeyer says.

He says a second scenario is in the works in extra space at the address.

Dittmeyer currently lives in Des Moines where he owns another Entrap Games, though he’s going to move to live somewhere between the two cities for easier driving between them.

Dittmeyer says he chose Wichita for his second site because his best friend is from here.

“He told me that people would be really into it,” Dittmeyer says.

“Plus, you guys have a Braum’s. I love Braum’s.”

Wichita actually has several Braum’s stores.

Entrap Games will open either later this month or in early April.

Jake Ramstack and Carl Hebert of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

Each play at Entrap Games costs $30 per person, though the business will kick off with a sale by using its Facebook page to share a discount code.

Dittmeyer says there’s plenty of room for both Entrap Games and Wichita Room Escape.

“When you do a scenario, you can only do it once,” he says of each of the rooms.

Therefore, Dittmeyer says he thinks Wichita could support many more than two of the businesses.

“It can support an infinite amount.”

Bryan Edwards, one of the partners in Wichita Room Escape, agrees.

“I’d go along with that,” he says of Wichita supporting even more of the rooms.

“After all, the reason we brought it to Wichita is our passion for these kind of games,” he says.

“It’s not a competition,” Edwards says. “I would encourage them to come out and join the fun.”

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