Carrie Rengers

Rogue Personal Training, 385 Sports to open at 13th and Andover Road

Rivaling perhaps only mattress stores and yogurt shops, a lot of personal training businesses seem to come and go in the Wichita area.

In the short three and a half years that Rogue Personal Training has been in business, though, it continues to grow and now is moving into its own space.

“I had the opportunity to purchase … property, which was one of my goals,” says owner Landon Branine.

He started his business in 2,000 square feet and then grew into his current 5,000 square feet at Central and Andover Road, where he also leased an additional 2,000 square feet of overflow space.

Now, he’s purchased the 18,000-square-foot building at the northeast corner of 13th and Andover and will use 9,000 square feet for his business.

“We had several different things happen … that’s kind of pushed us into needing to expand,” Branine says.

He says he wants a better training atmosphere and more room for it, too.

Branine says he also wants to add some new things, such as massage therapy. He says there will be a room for that where there will be a focus on sports massage.

The overflow space Branine currently has is for his boxing classes.

“Our classes have just kind of blown up over the last year.”

Valor Martial Arts also uses the space for a satellite branch.

“It’s the same mindset as far as fitness, health (and) mind-body,” Branine says.

The Valor satellite also will be in the new space along with the boxing. Branine says he’s glad the two will now be in the same place as the rest of his business.

“That’s exciting for us to bring everything back together.”

Also at the building, the new 385 Sports will be taking 4,000 square feet.

Sabrina Holcomb, Ashley Hurley and Amber Dawn Liebau are starting the business as a children’s sports training facility and a party place for kids who want to combine sports for birthday parties and other festivities.

There will be games such as dodge ball and Wiffle ball.

“Whatever a kid wants to think up and use an indoor space for,” says Cole Hurley, Ashley Hurley’s husband.

There will be batting cages and open spaces for kids to practice various sports.

“That’s more of what we are is sports training … and a practice facility rather than personal training,” Cole Hurley says.

He says the 385 Sports is named for the Andover school district.

“We wanted to use Andover in it without actually saying Andover.”

Rogue Personal Training opens at the new space on Monday, and 385 Sports will open around mid-October.

“I’m excited to be … associated with them in the same facility,” Branine says. “I think we’re going to play off each other very well.”

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