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Cook Brothers Heating & Air is back in business

Cook Brothers Heating & Air is back in business.

Brothers Larry and Gerry Cook used to have the company years ago and then closed it to focus on other things.

Larry Cook, who owns Larry Cook Construction, says he still did heating and air conditioning for his own developments during the intervening years.

“I was doing business, but I never advertised it or anything.”

Gerry Cook recently told his brother he wanted to restart the company.

“I think when you do something all your life … it’s just a natural fit,” Larry Cook says. “It’s just what we know.”

Gerry Cook will run the day-to-day operations.

“He’s really the main drive of it,” Larry Cook says.

The company’s office is at 1829 W. 13th St., which is near 13th and McLean, in the same building as Larry Cook Construction.

“We don’t want to be a huge company,” Larry Cook says. “We just want to take care of our customers and do like we used to do.”

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