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Brian Riordan departs Riordan Clinic

Brian Riordan will remain on the Riordan Clinic’s board, but he’s no longer CEO.
Brian Riordan will remain on the Riordan Clinic’s board, but he’s no longer CEO. File photo

Brian Riordan has once again left the Riordan Clinic, but this time he’s not taking his CEO title with him.

Riordan, son of the late clinic founder Hugh Riordan, came to the nutrition-based health facility as CEO in 2010 then left in 2011 to run a company in Japan. He simultaneously did that and kept his position as the clinic’s CEO.

Then in spring 2014, Riordan returned full time to the clinic to accomplish some objectives the board had.

“My role was always kind of intended to be interim.”

Now, Riordan is going to split his time in California and Hawaii working on what he calls future-oriented technologies.

Donna Kramme, who has been the clinic’s chief operating officer, has been named president.

Ron Hunninghake continues as chief medical officer.

The clinic will no longer have a CEO.

Initially, Riordan says he anticipated being in Wichita only about a year, “but it turned out to be … more fulfilling and interesting and fun than I had expected it to be.”

“A lot of the ideas that my dad had been championing for many, many years were starting to come into general acceptance.”

That includes nutrient testing and high-dose vitamin C treatments for cancer and other illnesses.

Since his return in 2014, Riordan says the clinic has a new line of nutrients, opened its first satellite campus in Hays, added physicians and increased the number of conferences it does on vitamin C. There was one earlier this year in Puerto Rico and there will be another one later this year in Spain.

“I feel good about where we are,” Riordan says.

He says it was his choice to leave. Though Riordan is still on the clinic’s board, he says he doesn’t expect to ever return to a full-time position again.

Riordan says he’ll miss Wichita’s friendly people.

“That’s our great unsung asset.”

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