Carrie Rengers

AtlasMD to open second clinic at Reflection Ridge Office Park (+video)

Physicians regularly treat chronic coughs and chronic backaches, but chronic requests?

AtlasMD is now treating those, too.

The 5-year-old practice is opening a west-side clinic in addition to its east-side one due to patient demand.

“Honestly, we don’t have … demographics on that, it’s just something that we’ve chronically had requests on,” says physician Michael Palomino.

He and new AtlasMD physician Jared Johnson will staff the new office, which will be in Reflection Ridge Office Park at 7570 W. 21st St.

“We’re hoping to be in there early October,” Palomino says.

The first AtlasMD clinic opened in the Hartman Oil Building at the Waterfront to give patients an option for treatment without traditional health insurance.

The practice has memberships – monthly payments vary depending on the age of patients.

Palomino says it’s what is known as direct care.

“Basically, it means that there’s nothing in between the patients and the doctor,” he says. “There’s no third party. There’s no middle man to go through. By doing that, we reduce costs for our patients … and provide them better access to care.”

AtlasMD has its own pharmacy and lab as well, and Palomino says there are especially good cost savings with those.

He says each physician can usually treat patients the same day they call – or text or e-mail. He says they also can devote more time to patients – generally a half hour to an hour if needed – without the constraints that insurance sometimes creates.

Founder Josh Umbehr will remain at the original AtlasMD clinic along with physicians Doug Nunamaker and Christiane Smith.

Palomino says there could be more clinics to come.

“There is a little bit of brainstorming going on in that regard.”

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