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WaterWalk Hotel Apartments office moves within WaterWalk Place

Park area on the east side of WaterWalk Place (2010)
Park area on the east side of WaterWalk Place (2010) File photo

Jack DeBoer has moved his WaterWalk Hotel Apartments office from the front of his WaterWalk Place building to the back of it to make room for Farmers Insurance.

“Now, the building is full,” DeBoer says. “All the retail and office space is full, and all the condos are sold, and that’s a good thing.”

Now, for the rest of the undeveloped WaterWalk …

“I drive by that land all the time, and I think, Jack, you ought to do something with that, but I just haven’t,” says DeBoer, whose main business has been extended-stay hotels.

“It’s not my business,” he says of a development such as WaterWalk, “so I just scratch my head.”

DeBoer says he can’t say off the top of his head how much there’s left to develop, but he says, “There’s a lot of it.”

In the meantime, DeBoer says there’s nicely cut grass and working fountains. Beyond that, he says he can’t say.

“I don’t know what to do with it, frankly,” DeBoer says. “I have some ideas and some sketches, but I have nothing that we’re really moving forward on.”

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