Carrie Rengers

Viaan Electronics to move to 125 N. Market building

The almost 3-year-old Viaan Electronics is moving from a home office to a 1,400-square-foot space at 125 N. Market, which is the former Wichita Executive Center that’s now known by its address.

“We are basically a design and engineering firm,” CEO Jatin Talreja says.

The company has several facets.

It does product development, such as consumer and industrial electronics; software design, such as websites, e-commerce solutions and mobile applications; and hardware design, such as for automation, IOT devices, embedded systems and wireless gadgets.

“We are looking (at) growing and growing fast,” Talreja says.

He says the lease is structured in a way that will allow the company to easily expand to more space in the building.

“We were at home first,” he says.

That meant 10 people working in his basement.

Viaan Electronics, which is named for Talreja’s son, has 32 employees total across the United States and worldwide in places such as China and India.

“They are good employees who are not wanting to move to Wichita,” Talreja says of employees throughout the United States.

The ones overseas “basically oversee the quality of production.”

“They’re making sure nothing goes wrong so we don’t have a big loss,” Talreja says.

Some of the company’s products are manufactured here and some overseas.

“We’ll be up and running next week,” Talreja says of the new space.

He and his wife, Priya, will now have their basement back.

“I think she’s excited – for obvious reasons.”

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