Carrie Rengers

Insurance Guys and Midland Insurance Group to open new Wichita office

Brent Leedom and his Insurance Guys will be increasing their presence in Wichita with a new location at 416 S. Market.

Leedom started his company in 2005 to sell commercial, farm, home, auto, health and life insurance in Augusta. His headquarters there happens to be at 416 State St.

“Isn’t that crazy,” he says, joking about opening offices only at addresses with 416 in them. Except he opened an office in Lyndon in 2012 and Caldwell in 2013 that don’t share that number.

The new office, which won’t open until October, will be 5,700 square feet.

“It’s a very cool-looking building on the outside that needed love on the inside,” Leedom says.

Last year, he purchased the almost 40-year-old Midland Insurance Group in Wichita and uses that name here as well. The new building will be co-branded with both names.

“Most of our producers are in Wichita,” Leedom says.

He says some are working out of the Midland office at 2969 W. 13th St. or out of their homes.

“We’re wanting to combine to expand to get more agents and more … customer service help,” he says. “We’re looking to grow through either acquisition or organic growth.”

The company has 10 agents and 18 support staff members.

Scott Harper of Landmark Commercial Real Estate and Alex Pemberton at NAI Martens handled the deal for the new space, which Leedom purchased.

He’s keeping the Augusta office as well.

“Augusta’s where I’m from, so we’re not moving.”

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