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After Lonnie Bosley gives away more than 5,000 free tires, he’ll open some new stores

Watch as an artist creates a dramatic new sign at The Pumphouse

(FILE VIDEO -- JULY 2017) Wichita artist Johnny Freedom gives an Old Town bar a very "Wichita" look.
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(FILE VIDEO -- JULY 2017) Wichita artist Johnny Freedom gives an Old Town bar a very "Wichita" look.

Lonnie Bosley is continuing his march to open new Bosley’s Tire & Wheel stores throughout the city. In case you didn’t notice, he’s had some murals painted on his latest store at 300 S. Washington to get your attention.

One features Wichita and the city’s ever-popular flag. Another features Bosley’s 1926 Model T roadster truck, and another features Bosley atop a Hummer.

“I’ve always thought it looks like a stagecoach because the wheels are so big,” Bosley says of the Hummer’s 30-inch wheels.

So the mural shows some horses pulling the vehicle.

The store is ready to open but won’t until after a tire giveaway Bosley is holding at his original store at 3948 S. Broadway. He has more than 5,000 tires he’ll give for free from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday.

“It’s crazy,” Bosley says of how his giveaways go. “It’s jam-packed.”

He has another store close to opening at 2660 S. Oliver not far from Spirit AeroSystems.

“I’d open it tomorrow if I could get an electrician to show up,” Bosley says.

He says he’s having issues getting electricians and plumbers to complete a couple of new stores.

Bosley is converting an eight-bay car wash at 4846 W. Maple into a store.

That’s close to his store at Towne West Square, but Bosley says, “We can do a lot more work.”

More work is what’s fueling all his growth, he says.

The downtown store at Washington and Waterman is his fourth store. Bosley says he likes that it’s near Intrust Bank Arena and Cargill with all of its employees.

Bosley also is looking north and northwest for some more stores.

“Well, I tell you, I’d probably have 10 stores by now if it wasn’t for electricians.”