Carrie Rengers close to building its own building

The new, which officially started its ministry in Wichita in August, is close to breaking ground on its own building.

“We are really excited to be in the Wichita community,” says Tim Doremus, campus pastor.

The church has applied for a $4.5 million building permit to build a 36,000-square-foot building on about 14 acres at the southeast corner of 127th and Central.

“We’re hoping to start in the near future,” Doremus says.

LifeChurch started in Oklahoma City in 1996 and now has 20 campuses in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, Florida and New York.

“We exist to lead people to be fully devoted followers of Christ,” Doremus says.

The church has been meeting at Coleman Middle School, and it’s been attracting between 400 and 500 people a week.

“It’s a great start,” Doremus says.

He says the process started a couple of years ago to investigate “what would it look like to come into Wichita?”

Doremus says many people here already knew about LifeChurch because of friends and family in Oklahoma.

“We just had some people who wanted to be a part of what God was doing here through LifeChurch,” he says. “We just had a big heart for Wichita.”

The new building will have a worship facility, offices and a large space for a children’s ministry.

Doremus says that each week, the church gives attendees invite cards to give to others in the community. He says LifeChurch doesn’t keep official membership numbers as some churches do.

“What gets me excited is not how many people show up,” he says. “What gets me excited is to hear stories about what God’s doing in people’s lives.”

He says that’s already been quite a bit.

“We are really excited about what God’s already done in the first six weeks of our existence, and we can’t wait to see … what God does in the future through LifeChurch.”

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